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Since the birth of the tuxedo, it has been the staple for grooms and groomsmen attire. The grooms party ensembles are just as important as the bridal gown at a wedding ceremony. It is important to carefully choose the right wedding tuxedo idea for the occasion. One must be careful in selecting the tuxedo style for some styles may not match one's body frame or personality. The party may rent wedding tuxedos, but they may be of poorer quality and may appear dull at the ceremony. It's safer to purchase a brand new elegant tuxedo, as it will serve at many other occasions in future and will remain a valuable investment (and memory) throughout the grooms' life.

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Would you like to see all wedding tuxedos in a specific color?
Black is the most popular tuxedo color for weddings, but there are other options as well, see below.

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Browse our Top-Selling Designer Wedding Tuxedo Brands

Are you looking for brand name wedding tuxedos for your groom and/or groomsmen?
Below are the top wedding tuxedo designers, plus some information about the manufacturers:
Calvin Klein Wedding Tuxedos    Ralph Lauren Wedding Tuxedos    Ike Behar Wedding Tuxedos        Cardi Wedding Tuxes

    Calvin Klein Tuxedo         Ralph Lauren Tuxedo        Ike Behar Tuxedo     Cardi Tuxedo
    Calvin Klein Logo        Ralph Lauren Logo                Ike Behar Logo        Cardi Logo

In addition to the top four above brands, we also carry tuxedos from Hugo Boss, Jean Yves, and Neil Allyn tuxedos. Below is some information on our top designers:

  • Calvin Klein: Calvin Klein tuxedos remains at the top of the tuxedo world with their finely crafted, naturally slimming design lines and their blend of American and European influences in the build of their tuxedos. Keeping their prices competitive while still providing top-of-the-line fabric quality and flexibility in their clothing lines, cK is one of the most recognizable fashion brands in the world.

  • Ralph Lauren: Classic. Timeless. Elegant. These words are frequently used to express Ralph Lauren's clothing lines. What began almost four decades ago with a collection of ties has grown into an entire world, redefining American style. When you're transported into the world of Ralph Lauren, expect quality in all of their tailored clothing including luxury suits, tuxedos, tuxedo separates, and tuxedo shirts.

  • Joseph Abboud: Joseph Abboud is one the best known men's fashion designers in the country. The Joseph Abboud line of tuxedos and formal wear are among the finest quality garments featured on our website.

  • Cardi: Focusing specifically on mens formalwear, Cardi designs styles, patterns, and fabrics that will beautifully compliment luxurious tuxedos or formal suits.

  • Hugo Boss: The strengths initially generated by the substantial and sustained success of the BOSS brand first introduced as a classical men's businesswear line in the 1970s have been extended to a range of other fashion segments.

  • Jean Yves: Jean Yves tuxedos offer a variety of styles, colors and designs to meet the needs of today's special events; Prom, Formal Weddings, Destination Weddings and Formal Party's to name a few. All of our Jean Yves tuxedos are made with top quality fabrics to ensure a luxurious and confortable, formal experience.

  • Neil Allyn: Originally founded as First Nighter in 1901, Neil Allyn and its company continues to be solely dedicated to formalwear. Neil Allyn's main focus is on formal wear basics. Classic styling, classic fabrics, classic elegance.

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