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Our Neil Allyn formal wear includes a range of stylish tuxedo jackets, skirts, shirts, and more. Made from materials like cotton and polyester, you can enjoy a comfortable fit and a very versatile clothing item. You can choose from a regular fit or a women’s fit, along with a range of sizes to ensure a perfect look. Our skirts are available in sizes ranging from a 2 through to a 28. This will fit most body types and allow you to be comfortable while enjoying your formal event.

Consider the Lydia black tuxedo pants, which has an expandable waist, a plain front pants style, and a solid pattern. It’s perfect for an evening black tie event. You can also go for our Devon white pleated mandarin tuxedo shirt, which is crafted from a breathable cotton blend, is a comfortable, light weight shirt featuring 1/2" pleats that travel down the front bib of the shirt. An interesting and unique detail is the black trim that runs around the top of the collar.

The mandarin collar allows you to maintain a formal look without the need of a bow tie or necktie; however, we do recommend that you wear a button cover on the top button. The shirt cuffs are brilliantly designed as "convertible barrel cuffs" which allow you to wear the shirt either with or without cufflinks. However, we strongly suggest that cufflinks should always be worn if attending a formal event. The classic fit size scale appeals to most gentleman of all shapes and sizes.

When you buy Neil Allyn formal wear consider adding a button cover and formal jewelry set to your shirt order. A formal jewelry set is a 6-piece set consisting of 4 studs and 2 cufflinks. The 4 studs are used down the center placket of the shirt; whereas the 2 cufflinks are used in each sleeve of the shirt. Also, if you do not already own a black bowtie & cummerbund, now may be a good time to consider adding a set with your shirt order -- timeless, classic, and a staple for every gentleman's formal wardrobe.

The tuxedo is a very versatile outfit and ideal for daytime and evening functions. It's perfect for formal wear, and it gives you a lot of options in terms of styling. That's why these outfits are so popular, and they always make you look your very best. You can also have your tuxedo tailor-made to ensure a perfect fit and the unique style. There are various accessories that you can choose from, including bow ties, cummerbunds, tuxedo vests, jewelry, and more.

In addition to Neil Allyn formal wear, we also stock a range of other popular designers, including After Six, Cardi, Neil Allyn, JJ Weston, Hugo Boss, Stacy Baldwin, Vangelo, and more. These are all well-known designers and they offer a selection of great formal wear items for you to enjoy. Browse our online tuxedo store, and filter your selection by designer, style, color, and size. We make it easy for you to find the formal wear you are looking for, and our entire ordering process is very simple and convenient.

Tuxedo Styles

With so many different tuxedo styles available, it’s often hard to choose one. That’s why our tuxedo store allows you to look through a wide range of options, from popular designers like Neil Allyn. This will give you the option between a modern fit, a slim fit, or a classic fit. It all depends on your personal style, as well as the event you will be attending. You want to look your absolute best, and be comfortable too. That’s why you should know what style you want and have the tuxedo customized to your needs.

Regardless of the tuxedo style you choose, you’ll be in safe hands with us. We stock only well-known brands like Neil Allyn for all our formal wear. This means you can look stylish when you attend your next formal event, as you’ll have a tuxedo with matching accessories to go with. This will help you to create a unique style and a personalized outfit.

Buying Neil Allyn formal wear

A tuxedo is a great outfit to wear if you have been invited to a formal event. Combined with various accessories, you can look absolutely stylish and definitely turn heads. You can also have your tuxedo outfit tailor-made according to your needs, ensuring you have a perfect fit and the unique outfit for the event. Darker colored tuxedos are generally used for evening events, whereas lighter color tuxedos are used for daytime events.

Whether you are looking for a white tuxedo for a daytime function or a black tuxedo for an evening event, we have you covered. You can browse through our selection of tuxedo accessories and outfits, to find the perfect fit and style that will suit your personality. Don't forget to choose from our range of Dixie accessories, such as both eyes, tuxedo vests, and cummerbund. This will help you to give the finishing touch to your tuxedo and always look your best full stop

For more information about our Neil Allyn formal wear, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Suzanna Black Tuxedo Skirt


    "Suzanna" Black Tuxedo Skirt
  2. Neil Allyn Devon White Pleated Mandarin Tuxedo Shirt


    "Devon" White Pleated Mandarin Tuxedo Shirt
  3. Lydia Black Tuxedo Pants


    "Lydia" Black Tuxedo Pants
  4. "Leonard" White Pleated Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt


    "Leonard" White Pleated Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt (Slim Fit)
  5. "Russ" White Pleated Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt


    "Russ" White Pleated Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt
  6. Victoria Black Tuxedo Shirt


    "Victoria" Black Tuxedo Skirt
  7. Neil Allyn Women's White Shawl Tuxedo Jacket


    "Caitlin" White Tuxedo Jacket
  8. Neil Allyn Women's Black Shawl Tuxedo Jacket


    "Caitlin" Black Tuxedo Jacket
  9. Neil Allyn Women's Black Notch Tuxedo Jacket


    "Jennifer" Black Tuxedo Jacket
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