Novelty Tuxedo Vests

Traditional tuxedo looks are accompanied with what some would consider to be the traditional accessories. So, seeing neckties, bow ties, cufflinks, vests, etc. is common and quite frankly expected when in attendance at a formal event.

These accessories help to not only complete the entire tuxedo ensemble, but also compliment it. By choosing the appropriate colors, materials and styles, it can instantly take any tuxedo look from drab to fab.

But, getting back to the topic of tradition. Traditionally speaking, when someone chooses these accessories, solid colors are prominent and classic. They tie the look together well and are easy to style however the individual chooses. But, at, we don’t always like to play by the rules.

Since there are so many different options of accessories, switching things up with a pattern can add a stylish and modern touch and still look regal. Choosing which accessory to play around with is a fun way to create an outfit because of the variety of accessories to choose from. Though, if we had to pick, our personal favorite would be the tuxedo vest.

The tuxedo vest is a classically elegant accessory that brings the entire look together for an effortless and memorable outfit. Since the tuxedo vest is the second largest article of clothing (apart from the actual tuxedo) that you’ll be wearing, making sure it complements the outfit in the best way possible is an absolute must. Remember, once that tuxedo jacket comes off from tearing up the dancefloor, your vest will then be the shining star.

There are indeed a ton of different options when it comes to colors, patterns and materials for tuxedo vests; but nothing makes a fashion statement quite like a novelty tuxedo vest.

Novelty tuxedo vests allow the person to have fun with the tuxedo look while making a statement too! The novelty tuxedo vest is a great alternative for someone that enjoys the beauty of fashion and being expressive with how they dress. They’re the perfect festive accessory for themed parties, holidays, weddings, fundraisers, etc. Or, for someone that just wants to turn heads and win best dressed at their event. The different “conversational” patterns will do what they are meant to do, and start conversations that will most likely end with some big-time compliments.

The options available, like animal prints, (zebra, jaguar and leopard) allow the fashion risk taker to let out their inner “party animal” with an outfit to match. The Waving Flags Tuxedo Vest is the perfect addition for anyone looking to add a little patriotism to their outfit; and the Mardi Gras vest is festive, fun and colorful which is automatically a showstopper. When paired with a solid colored tuxedo, the pop of excitement these vests give off can only enhance the outcome.

Being made from polywoven material, these vests are not only bold but comfortable too. They are easily adjustable for the individual with the belt that is placed on the outside on the back of the vest for the perfect fit.

So, next time a formal event is lingering in your future, give some thought to trying new things. Because, frankly speaking, how could someone not compliment (and adore) a tuxedo ensemble with a vest that has printed musical notes on it? 

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  1. Zebra Tuxedo Vest


    Zebra Tuxedo Vest

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  2. Leopard Tuxedo Vest


    Leopard Tuxedo Vest

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  3. Jaguar Tuxedo Vest


    Jaguar Tuxedo Vest

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  4. Waving Flags Tuxedo Vest


    Waving Flags Tuxedo Vest

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  5. Music Notes Tuxedo Vest


    Music Notes Tuxedo Vest

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  6. Mardi Gras Tuxedo Vest


    Mardi Gras Tuxedo Vest

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  7. Tux Park Camo Satin Vest


    Camo Satin Tuxedo Vest

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