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3 Tuxedo Trends Grooms in 2018 Need to Know About

Weddings are a special event, and without a doubt, you can expect to see some extravagant ceremonies as well as lovely tuxedos and gowns this year. If you planned to have your big day in 2018, it’s important to stay up to date with some of the latest trends.

Brides love when they walk down the aisle and lock eyes with their husband-to-be for the first time, dressed in the most fashionable look possible. At Buy4LessTuxedo, we have tuxedos that are perfect for any budget and will keep you up to date with this year’s latest trends. Here are some styles to keep on your radar in 2018.     

Light Colored Jackets
More and more couples are veering away from the traditional wedding ceremony approach, and instead, are going with a more relaxed vibe for the big day. If that’s the case for your wedding, we offer a wide selection of light colored jackets that come in shades sure to complement the soft and romantic color schemes of any laid-back wedding. Light colored tuxedo jackets also work for those ever-popular summer weddings and, of course, dinner parties.

Black Bow Ties  
The black bow tie has always been a popular fashion accessory and has made its way back to a prominent look in weddings--a trend that we see continuing in 2018. If your bride is going for a sophisticated feel, from the ceremony all the way down to the gown and heels, the black bow tie look is perfect. Bow ties also coordinate beautifully with our slim fit tuxedos.   

Blue Tuxedos
While it seems that black tuxedos have dominated wedding styles forever, blue tuxedos are now giving them a run for their money. We have a wide range of blue designer tuxedos that bring a contemporary twist to weddings and many other special occasions. 

To ensure you are looking as fashionable as possible, be sure to shop with Buy4LessTuxedo today. We offer a great selection of tuxedos, bow ties and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more!