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Buy4LessTuxedo - Sometimes "Less" is actually More!

The Buy4LessTuxedo.com Philosophy

1. Challenge the status quo.

2. Think differently at every level.

3. Recognize that having customers is a privilege, not a right.

4. Always keep the customer satisfied by delivering the best value, quality products and greatest customer experience possible.

5. Operate in simplicity, style and harmony in all that we do.

To breathe life into our philosophy we have designed this website to offer you, our customers, the finest products that are constantly evolving to meet the ever changing palate for the latest designs and styles in formal wear. Our customers have access to the finest handpicked fabrics, latest trending colors and styles available any where in the formal wear marketplace, along with the best selection of formal accessories. Through cutting-edge technology, we allow you, our customer, to make all of the formal wear decisions with a few clicks of a button, as well as, provide us with real-time feed back for the ultimate customer experience.

Guys Wearing Tuxedos with Dates

We are committed to you. Others say it, but we prove it. We have been serving customers since 1999 and now with a 43,000 square foot warehouse that is fully stocked with latest, most versatile and high-quality formal wear inventory, everyone at Buy4LessTuxedo is in place to provide you with the highest level of customer service and the most reasonable prices you find anywhere in the world. From the production floor right to your doorstep, Buy4LessTuxedo is the authority for all of your formal wears for any occasion. Feel free to call us toll-free at 888-724-2829, chat with us below at Chat Now or drop us an email.

We are here to provide you truly personalized service with all the convenience of online ordering. Thank you for choosing Buy4LessTuxedo!

9 Core Values

The 9 Core Values below, defined by the team members at Buy4LessTuxedo.com, are used to help shape the culture and align our actions with our values.

  1. 1. Do the Right Thing.
    You gotta be able to sleep at night. Never compromise your integrity. Whether dealing with a customer, colleague or supplier ... just do the right thing.

  2. 2. Check Egos at the Door.
    Focus on the team's goal; not individual bragging rights. Be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledge that anyone can contribute to the conversation.

  3. 3. Open & Honest Communication Builds Trust.
    Often times, lack of communication is the reason why relationships break down. Honesty is about sharing feelings and opinions, even if they are unpopular. Don't hold it in - speak your mind.

  4. 4. Create Memorable Experiences.
    Mundane, hum-drum experiences do not inspire people. Seek ways to pleasantly inspire and surprise those around you.

  5. 5. “We" are the “they”
    Don't point fingers at different departments within our organization. We all work together as one team.

  6. 6. Simplicity is Genius
    "Any intelligent fool can make things better and more complex. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction" - Albert Einstein

  7. 7. Improve, Tweak, Repeat.
    Continual improvement is part of our company's DNA.

  8. 8. If You’re Not Making Mistakes, You’re Not Doing Anything.
    There's nothing wrong with making mistakes. In fact, it is encouraged to embrace one-time mistakes and cringe at repeat mistakes. Mistakes are the pathways to great ideas and innovation.

  9. 9. Eustress Leads to Personal Growth.
    Stress comes in various forms. The negative version is "distress"; the positive version is "eustress". Not all stress is bad. In fact, eustress is the positive stress that pushes you outside your comfort zone and allows you to accomplish great things in life.

Authenticity Guarantee

At Buy4LessTuxedo.com, you'll find a great selection on your favorite brands, all backed by the warranties and service you'd expect. We emphatically stress that our products are "not seconds, not defects, not knock-offs, etc. These are new originals with new tags, hangers, style/model numbers, authenticity, etc. We want you to feel comfortable with your purchase and feel 100% confident that you are receiving a quality, authentic product.


Corporate Offices

Buy4LessTuxedo.com's corporate offices are located in Trenton, NJ. In addition to our administrative offices, the facility houses our national distribution center and call center.