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Cutaway Tuxedos

As a part of our designer tuxedo collection, we now offer a range of stylish cutaway tuxedos. Best described as formal suits for weddings, we carry a single breasted jacket or ‘tailcoat’ which is cut away on a curving line from the front of the body, gradually tapper at the back with matching trousers, or for those seeking a more traditional look for their special day.

Intended for formal daytime occasions such as weddings, a day at the races, banquets, and various special occasions, this singular coat is a very elegant garment with a unique, soft accented shape that stands apart from other formal garments.

The cutaway tuxedo, derived from the ‘Morning Coat,’ travels all the way back to the 18th century. Better known as the ‘riding coat’ for horseback riding back then, it then developed into a garment for daywear in the 19th century, seen by those of royalty. What better way to walk down the aisle or signify your individuality than with this touch of historic class?

With the selection of black and gray cutaway tuxedos complement well with shirts and tuxedo vests of every color and pattern. You can also personalize your look with a smart tie, a classic cravat, or a bow tie to coordinate with the wedding color or style scheme of your dreams. At Buy4LessTuxedo, we offer a huge selection of tuxedo packages, tuxedo vests, and tuxedo shirts for sale to harmonize with your cutaway. If you are looking to buy bow ties or other chic accessories, don’t look any further – you will find them all right here in our extensive range of inventory.

As a leading tuxedo store, Buy4LessTuxedo, not only offers cutaway tuxedos for men, but our sizes range from 34S to 64L giving you a wide range of options to dress every member of your wedding party. It’s a classic and sophisticated ‘morning dress’, and can accompany tuxedo vests perfectly, along with your alluring bridesmaids’ gowns and a selection of floral arrangements.

Stylish and graceful, cutaway tuxedos add a touch of class to every special occasion, and when enriched with a crisp white shirt, a tuxedo vest, and a matching cravat, every man will look and feel like a true gentleman.

Tuxedo Styles
When you want to buy a cutaway tuxedo, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can choose from colors such as gray and black, as well as various fits. You can also choose from various patterns, including solids, make these cutaways very popular. You can choose the type of material you need; wool is often the preferred material as it is lightweight, easy to wash and very stylish. You can choose the pant style you want – plain front, or double pleated. We also have various great designer labels to choose from, including Ferrecci and our Classic Collection.

You can choose from various accessories to add to our cutaway tuxedo. This includes ascots, formal jewelry, hats, lapel flowers, pocket squares, suspenders and more. These will add a touch of personality to your outfit and will make you look nothing but absolutely superb.

Of all the tuxedo accessories that are available, a bow tie is one of the most popular accessory choices. A bow tie is very comfortable to wear, it’s stylish, and can add the final touch to many different tuxedo outfits. There are many different colors available, including different patterns and designs.

You can even add something like a pocket square to complete your tuxedo look. They are ideal for any tuxedo, as they are small enough not to overpower the outfit, yet noticeable enough to add style to your outfit. You can have these pocket squares made in specific colors, according to your dress code.  

Buying Cutaway Tuxedos
When looking to buy tuxedos, consider a few factors. Firstly, the fit you want is very important. Classic styles are still among the most popular styles around. You should also make a note of what your tuxedo should be made from; wool is often a good idea, as it is very comfortable and versatile. This will help you to choose the perfect tuxedo for your specific needs.

Remember that a tailored suit still remains the best choice. Not only will this make you look your best, but you’ll be comfortable too, as the entire outfit will be customized for your specific body type and shape. It’s a great way to ensure that you’ll definitely make some heads turn at your next formal event.

If you are looking to buy tuxedos, Buy4LessTuxedo stocks over 70 different sizes and we cater for children, teens, mature gentlemen, and everyone in between. We have a large selection of tuxedos, including cutaway tuxedos, and also offer a complete range of accessories. This means you can buy shoes, vests, shirts, and jewelry to add some style to your tuxedo outfit.

We can help you to choose the perfect fit for your tuxedo. You can choose from a classic fit, a modern fit, and a slim fit. A classic fit is a traditional choice and very comfortable to wear. A modern fit is slightly slimmer, while still offering some room. A slim fit is cut closer to the body and may feel a bit narrow. 

For more information about our selection of cutaway tuxedos, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.