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4 Wedding Color Combos for Fall

Along with fall weather, comes a plethora of weddings. Saturdays in the fall are filled with weddings. With fall weddings, also comes many different color combinations that can help make your wedding stand out. Here are four color combinations that go best with fall weddings.

●Silver & Grey - A brisk chill in the air can help make a silver and grey combo look like the perfect choice. Combined with white flowers and a white theme for decoration, silver and grey are colors that can look extremely elegant and serve as a great chance of pace from the normal wedding colors. 

●Grey & Navy - Just like with silvery and grey, grey and navy is a very simple, yet elegant color scheme that is sure to look great for any autumn wedding. Although some men are a little scared of wearing blue, especially blue tuxedos, the grey and white secondary colors can help ease some nerves of the groomsmen. 
●Frost/White & Violet - A frost and violet combination helps stand out and looks amazing with the right floral configuration. Violet can range from boysenberry, maroon, crimson and purple. This color scheme can help make wedding photos pop and is flattering to all. 

●Red & Light Yellow - Combing two bright colors like red and yellow help create a bold wedding combination that is impressive and also cheerful. Yellow being the dominant color can go great with the right floral arrangement and wedding theme. The bold color of red only needs a splash to make its presence known. We promise the combination will not look like a McDonald's themed wedding. These four-color combinations are ideal for fall weddings. We here at Buy4LessTuxedo can provide you with style at a reasonable price If you want to find tuxedos and tuxedo vests for an upcoming wedding, contact our friendly staff at Buy4LessTuxedo today!