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5 Formal Outfit Mistakes to Avoid

One of the best ways of ensuring that you correctly wear a tuxedo jacket and other formal outfits is by knowing how not to wear them. Whether you're attending a black tie event or going to gatherings with formal dress codes, understanding the common suit mistakes others have made in the past will ensure that you don't make them as well. If you want to arrive at a wedding or other formal gathering looking dapper, here's an overview of five formal wear mistakes that are regularly made.


Wearing the Wrong Shoes
Wearing the wrong shoes with a tuxedo or suit is one of the most common tuxedo mistakes men make during formal events. The classic black tie ensemble demands formal shoes that complement the outfit's elegance — opting for casual shoes instead, such as sneakers or loafers, undermines the entire formal look. To avoid this mistake, always pair your tuxedo or suit with proper formal shoes, preferably in black, that are well-polished and in good condition. Your choice of formal shoes should align with the black tie dress code, ensuring you present a polished appearance from head to toe.

Improper Buttoning
Incorrectly buttoning a tuxedo or suit is another common suit mistake that can detract from your formal style. When wearing a suit jacket, it's important to follow the rules of buttoning. For single-breasted jackets, fasten the top button when standing and unfasten it when seated. The middle button should always remain fastened, and the bottom button should never be done up. However, with double-breasted jackets, both buttons are typically fastened. These details may seem small at first, but they have a profound impact on the overall appearance of your formal outfit. Proper buttoning is a fine detail that demonstrates your understanding of classic suit etiquette and ensures you arrive at your formal event looking polished and professional.

Incorrect Jacket Lengths
Choosing the incorrect jacket length is not just discomforting, but another formal outfit mistake that is regularly made. Tuxedo jackets and suit jackets should be carefully cut to the right length, typically ending just above the bottom of your buttocks. An excessively long or short jacket can throw off the proportions of your ensemble and make you look ill-fitted. To avoid this mistake, consult a good tailor who can ensure your jacket length is perfectly tailored to your body. A skilled tailor will meticulously adjust the jacket length to harmonize with your trouser leg and create a sleek, put-together appearance.

Poor Color Coordination
Poor outfit color coordination is another mistake that can be made when dressing for a formal event. The key to a perfect suit or tuxedo ensemble is harmonious color coordination — typically, a black tuxedo pairs best with a white shirt, a black bow tie, and black silk accessories. This means that choosing a loud black tie or over-accessorizing can detract from the classic suit's elegance. If you want to ensure your ensemble meshes well, stick to the traditional color scheme and ensure that all elements of your outfit complement each other. Attention to color coordination is essential, from the black bow tie to the pocket square, to present a proud black tie ensemble that exudes sophistication.

Not Matching the Dress Code
Not matching the dress code is another recurring mistake at formal gatherings like black tie events. It's of utmost importance to understand the specific dress code requirements for each occasion. For black tie events, wearing anything other than a tuxedo is considered the worst mistake. Conversely, wearing a tuxedo to a less formal event can make you appear out of place. To avoid this error, always research and adhere to the dress code guidelines for the occasion — ensuring you're appropriately attired for the event's formality level. Respect for the dress code is paramount at black tie events, as it reflects your awareness and respect for the occasion's formal style.

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