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75th Golden Globes Take on the Classic Black Tux

Awards season has officially kicked off and we have to say, it started off with quite the fashionable bang. If you tuned into the 75th Golden Globe Awards, you might have noticed that the statement looks (and color) of the night was black. Seeing some of our favorites all showing up in different styles and with different takes on classic black tuxedos was really timeless.

With everyone wearing the same color, most people would assume that it would be difficult to stand out or make a fashion statement, but that was definitely not the case. The men of the Golden Globes that sported black all had subtle but noticeable differences with their tuxedo looks that really made for some great awards season fashion.

There were a ton of different looks, styles and trends that appeared on the carpet from some of Hollywood’s best that definitely set the tone for stylish tuxedo looks the rest of the season. Although there were different ensembles, there were obvious trends that seemed to take lead a bit more than others. Those trends (in our opinion) were: velvet tuxedo jackets and all-black ensembles.

The velvet tuxedo jacket seemed to be a red-carpet favorite for a lot of the men, and honestly when done correctly, it looks incredibly chic. The velvet gives a sleek and polished look while adding some contrast to the outfit making it really pop. Although most of these red-carpets are held in sunny California, velvet is a great alternative style for the winter. We’re expecting (and hoping) to see more of this trend throughout the rest of awards season and look forward to seeing all of the different ways these men choose to style their velvet.

Another stylish touch that seemed to be very popular on the carpet was wearing all-black tuxedo looks. Typically, when a black tuxedo is worn, wearing a white tuxedo shirt with accessories is common, but not this year! A lot of the men in attendance styled their luxury black tuxedos with all-black accessories to compliment. Our thoughts on this look can be described as majorly approved. There’s something about the monochrome look with a specific color that makes a statement while looking effortless and dashing.

Men were seen wearing black tuxedo shirts and black bow ties to complement their ensemble, and the payoff was well received. We are really hoping to see more of this throughout awards season and even at different black-tie and formal events!

The Golden Globes being the first show of awards season definitely set the tone and expectations of what is to come. This year feels exciting, rewarding and promotes the idea of respecting one another’s craft. Seeing everyone come together and express their creativity and personality through their red-carpet looks is a part of what reminds us that everyone (even celebrities) are different; and that is something we should all be proud of.