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A Guide to Choosing the Right Cufflinks

Here at Buy4Less Tuxedo, we’ve been providing incredibly sharp tuxedos for prom for over nineteen years. We offer over seventy different sizes, meaning we always provide the perfect fit for any formal occasion. We also stock a range of accessories to make your outfit stand out as you attend an important event. This includes some classy cufflinks in a variety of different styles. But how do you choose the right cufflinks? Our fashion experts have collated some tips below. 

Choosing the Right Type:
The first thing that men need to consider is that cufflinks look best if they match the shirt worn alongside them. Next, men need to be aware of their closure type, as this affects the fitting of shirtsleeves. Silk knot and fabric cufflinks are typically worn during formal events. However, other types of cufflink are perfectly suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

Materials for Different Occasions:
The material that a cufflink is made from often determines it’s a formality. Traditionally, cufflinks including precious stones are reserved for formal occasions. Designed cufflinks made from gold or silver are also perfectly acceptable for formal occasions. Cufflinks made from titanium, enamel, or glass are more versatile and are often worn for work or more casual occasions. Cufflinks crafted from fabric, are more popular for summer occasions.

Subtlety is Paramount:
Cufflinks should have a simple design and shouldn't be overly ornate. They are meant to compliment your outfit and give it a sense of formality. Cufflinks made from gold, platinum, glass, or titanium will be the most versatile. Remember, cufflinks are a complementary addition to your outfit. Traditional cufflinks are designed to make you feel more confident and look sharper.

Say No to Novelty Cufflinks:
Buying a pair of novelty cufflinks is a temptation that should be avoided. This is especially significant when considering a gift for a friend. Many novelty designs are tacky and will not be appreciated as a gift. Instead, we recommend choosing a classic pair that will match a range of outfits including black, grey, and blue tuxedos.