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A Guide to Tuxedo Shirts and Styles


As the holiday season draws near, you may receive an invite to a black or white tie event, a formal gala, or an upscale New Year’s Eve party. We at Buy4Less Tuxedo understand that you might have a lot of questions about all sorts of things relating to our products, but we are here today to help you out with one of the essential elements of your tuxedo - the shirt. Choosing the right tuxedo shirt to buy can be a little daunting. Just like your jacket and pants, you’ve got to consider style, fabric, fit, and how its color coordinates with everything else you’ll have going on. Let us introduce you to some of the basics (and giving you extra tips along the way).

Check out this infographic for a quick rundown on different designer tuxedo shirts and styles and continue reading for a deeper dive into how the perfect shirt can take you from decent to debonair.

Shirt Front
More often than not, choosing the color is the easy part. There’s been one that’s stood the test of time and tuxedos past; white. We also carry Ivory and Black, depending on the shade of your tuxedo. While the white shirt is considered a classic, it can still introduce style and personality with the shirt front. A pleated front is a tried-and-true style that works for just about any formal occasion and pairs well with a shawl collar or notch lapel tuxedo. A pique front is a bit more formal and looks best with a peak or shawl lapel jacket.

Collar Style
A spread collar a perfectly acceptable modern and versatile choice. However, if you want to take it up a notch, a traditional wing collar will enhance formality, as it’s the only collar designed to display your bow tie in full.

Both a formal wing-style and a classic turn-down collar are suitable for black-tie events. A wing collar is considered more formal and is the best option for white-tie. If you choose to go with a turn-down collar, stick with a narrow spread and no tie-space.

Cuff Style
Formal events often require french cuffs, while barrel cuffs are better suited for business or casual looks. As long as the cuff and cufflinks don’t overpower your ensemble, it’s a great chance to add some personal flair to your tuxedo.

Buy4Less Tuxedo
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