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All About That "Classic Flair" At the 2017 GQ Men of the Year Awards

Now that summer is “over” in a lot of people’s eyes, that does give us one thing to look forward to, award shows. This award show season is sure to be full of new trends, styles and of course boldness.

Awards season kicked off in England with the British GQ Men of the Year Awards this week, and if this is a glimpse of what is to come for the men this season, then we are here for it!

These award shows give men (and women) an opportunity to wear some of the most glamorous of designer clothing while supporting each other and the art that they practice; and that is pretty cool.

Of course, because it’s GQ, everyone looked absolutely phenomenal in their stylish tuxedos. But, like anything, there are a few that stuck out on the red carpet in our eyes. These men looked dapper, sophisticated and set the look for what we feel like will be the trend of awards season…classic tuxedos with a stylish flair.

Darren Kennedy
TV Presenter and Style Influencer, Darren Kennedy always looks good whether he is sporting a tuxedo or every day stylish clothes. So, it’s no surprise that he pulled off this classic favorite grey tuxedo with black lapels. Grey tuxedos are such a brilliant alternative to a classic and standard black tuxedo. They are easy to accessorize, look great on everyone and provide a fashionable touch to a formal look. We are big fans of grey tuxes and Darren pulled his off perfectly. 


Jack Guinness 
Being a model, actor and fashion mogul, it’s no surprise that Jack Guinness looked swoon worthy on the carpet. That salt-and-pepper beard and wind swept looked just about as perfect as it could. Jack was a perfect example of the “classic flair” we mentioned when it comes to tuxedo style. Sporting a standard black tux, but with a subtle (also black) pattern on the jacket. This look executes a great example of “looking the part” but adding a touch of individual and personal style. 


Gordon Ramsay 
When he’s not scaring us out of the kitchen or criticizing our food, Gordon Ramsey cleans up quite nice. The celebrity chef and television persona looked charming and sophisticated in his classic black tuxedo. Gordon rocked the GQ red carpet proving that sometimes, good looks never go out of style. 


Tinie Tempah 
English rapper and singer, Tinie Tempah took it just a step further than Jack with his classic flair look. Although his purple tuxedo with wild print may not be the most traditional, the all-black accessories really accentuated the look even further. The shiny black tuxedo shoes and the pleated black tuxedo shirt complimented the Tinie’s look so well that it kind of brought the ensemble to life.

We could go on and on about all of the different looks and creative touches with the outfits from the GQ Men of the Year Awards if we had all day. But, we think it’s pretty safe to say that these tuxedo looks are taking a turn for the better and more creative and we are so excited to see what the rest of awards season has to offer us in the men’s fashion department.