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All Signs Point to Velvet for the 2018 Oscars


Rounding out awards season was the ever glamorous, special and lengthy Oscars (or Academy Awards). It is at the Oscars that all of Hollywood’s most talented, successful and impactful celebrities are piled into a room together and awarded for their craft. Although at times, it can be a snooze fest, all-together, the Oscars are a pretty remarkable show that people can only dream of attending one day.

Because the Oscars is the most elite event out of all of the award shows, the dress code is nothing short of what you would expect…regal. Gorgeous gowns and fitted tuxedos grace the carpet as we sit in awe watching our favorite celebrities strut their stuff. It’s exactly what awards season is all about.

Since the pre-show is one of the most exciting parts of any awards show, you bet we were sitting there making notes about who nailed it and who might need to have a talk with their stylist. One common denominator that we noticed for the men this year… velvet. Whether the ensemble was fully velvet, or it was just the jacket or accessories, velvet played a major role for men’s tuxedos this year at the Oscars; and honestly, we loved it.

The men that chose to sport velvet looked elegant and classic, but spruced things up with the addition of the fabric. Some chose colored, while others stayed the traditional. So, who did we choose for our “velvet done right” Oscar winners of 2018… keep reading to find out.

*And don’t forget to take your own notes for the next time you’re thinking about incorporating a little velvet into your formal wear look.

Oscar Isaac 
The beloved Star Wars actor nailed the velvet look with his black all-velvet tuxedo. Paired with a black bow tie, white tuxedo shirt and tuxedo shoes – it’s honestly hard to find fault within this outfit. It had style, flair and fit Oscar like a glove. If you’re debating whether to do a velvet look in the future, Oscar lends some great inspiration.


Ansel Elgort 
The charming and loveable actor and singer, Ansel Elgort decided to switch things up a little at this year’s Oscars. Not only did he wear velvet, but he went with a unique color-choice in a dark or hunter green look. We think if this look was fully in the green velvet it would be a bit too much, but having just the jacket with all black accessories ended up really working in Ansel’s favor. We personally think this was a style risk that paid off!


Armie Hammer 
Armie Hammer was another suited stud to go for the all-velvet look, and honestly, not everyone could pull off the all-velvet tuxedo in a color such as this. The burgundy ‘Armani’ tuxedo that Armie sported was so unique but still extremely sophisticated. Burgundy is a wonderful color and a great alternative that has been popping up a lot in men’s suits, tuxedos and accessories. This ensemble just reminded us why.


Sebastian Stan 
Actor Sebastian Stan hit us with a double-whammy with his velvet tuxedo look at this year’s Oscars. Not only did he wear a Navy tuxedo jacket, but his jacket then had a pattern throughout it. Another unique, but successful tuxedo look that landed Sebastian on our list. We especially love how he chose to keep the rest of the outfit traditional as letting the jacket be the focal point to the entire ensemble. By him doing this, everything weighed out and blended together seamlessly (like his black cummerbund peeking through). Another success for Sebastian!