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Change Up Your Formal Wear With These Alternatives

A black tuxedo is a classic style, but it’s no longer the only option for formal event wear. Here are a few great alternatives that you can consider when you are invited to a formal event.

Black has always been the color of choice when it comes to dressing up for a formal event. From black tie outfits for men to that stylish little black dress – it’s a style that never goes out of fashion. But you don’t have to stick to black anymore, there are plenty of options that you can choose from when it comes to dressing formally. Whether you're looking for a formal dress or something semi-formal for a daytime event, there are lots of ways in which you can spice up your traditional black outfit.

One benefit is that black is a color that goes with various different colors, thereby making it easy to accessorize your black tuxedo. One option you can choose from is to add various accessories, as an alternative to an all-black outfit. For example, you can add a stylish tuxedo vest, or cummerbund, to your outfit. You can then match this with the bow tie and a pocket square within the same color. This will also give you a softer look, as well as informal enough for your event.

Another great option is to wear a black tuxedo with a satin lapel. You can go further by adding a white shirt and black bowtie or go a little softer with wearing a colored shirt and a bowtie. This will give you a great alternative, a tuxedo choice formal enough for daytime and evening events. This is especially great for summer events if you need something lighter and softer, that is not too heavy or warm.

Another option that you can choose from is to change up the materials of your outfit. A satin shirt is a great idea, which is perfect for wearing with various colored tuxedo outfits. If you consider a dress, you can choose a shorter black skirt, with a soft satin top to complete your stylish look. This is especially ideal for daytime functions that require a formal or a semi-formal outfit.

Different Colored Tuxedos
There are many different colors that you can choose from when it comes to wearing a tuxedo. The tuxedo's undoubtedly perfect for a variety of formal events, and you can choose various colors that will still look very stylish for the event. One very popular color is light gray; it's a very popular color with daytime events such as weddings, as well as other semi-formal functions. It has an advantage over a white tuxedo as light gray is the perfect color to be worn from the afternoon through to the evening. You can also appear in a light gray tuxedo with a white shirt, thereby maintaining your classic look.

Another great option is a dark blue tuxedo. It is also a great alternative for black tie formal events and gives a great change of color. Combined with a white shirt and a bowtie, it gives a great twist on the classic look and is a very versatile outfit to work with. Dark blue is not always as versatile as white or light gray, but it goes great with light blue shirts.

If you are looking to make a bold statement, why not go for a brighter color so that you really stand out? There are plenty of ways to do this. Red is one of the most prominent colors and one that will definitely make heads turn. You can choose a bright red shirt with your tuxedo, and opt for red accessories like a bow tie, too.

You can even take it one step further and pick out a red tuxedo, with a white satin shirt. Another great option is something less bright such as burgundy, the perfect choice for the festive season! 

You also have to look at your accessories – choose items like cufflinks to add some detail, along with your bow tie, cummerbund or vest. Cufflinks go with most shirts, but it’s important that it matches the tone of your tuxedo color if you want to look your best. And don’t forget your shoes, it’s among the most important features of your tuxedo, no matter what color or style you choose. You can go with black tuxedo shoes, or you can go with a different color shoe.

Finally, never forget your tie – not only does it add color and style, but also versatility. Bow ties are available in many colors, but it’s important to wear one with your tuxedo. According to the dress code, tuxedos should go with a bow tie, not a long tie, but some events may justify using a long tie. One example is an afternoon wedding; you can always swap your long tie for a bow tie when the evening events start. Keep this in mind when you are invited to your next formal daytime or evening event.

These are just some ideas of alternatives to an all-black tuxedo. You can mix and match different colors and styles when it comes to your dress code, and don’t forget the versatility of accessories. You can easily add some style simply by switching up your accessories, and trading in your black tux for a dark blue, white, gray or burgundy one.