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Communicating Changes with Your Wedding During COVID-19

Wedding Planning with COVID-19

Nobody gets it more than we do, planning a wedding is hard work. You have to choose a venue, make a guest list, select the formal suits for the wedding, find the perfect set of rings, and so much more that it can be nerve-racking just to think about. But, what happens when above all this you add on the stress of having to postpone your wedding or make important changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Who will tell the guests? How do you tell them? What can you do? The stress can be almost impossible to bear. At Buy4Less Tuxedo, we know exactly how difficult this situation can seem, so here are our best tips for communicating changes with your wedding during the current pandemic.

Communicate Any Changes Right Away

If you have a wedding website, make sure to post any changes as soon as they have been made. Additionally, let your family and wedding party know over the phone if possible. In fact, send emails, make phone calls, or use any means necessary to let all your guests know that your wedding has been postponed due to the pandemic, and that you will update them with more information as it becomes available. This will allow your guests to change any special arrangements they might have made. As soon as the new information has been confirmed, let them know.

Send Out Cards

If your budget can cover it, send out "Change the Date" cards to your guests once you have set the new date. This way they won't forget about any changes you have made. Talk to your invitation designer to request a simpler design that won't cost you an arm and a leg to print.

Keep Your Website Updated

At this point nobody knows when the pandemic will finally end, so keep your website updated with all the information you have as you receive it. Post about any timing changes, travel information, accommodations, and all other details. Don't forget to include a contact form for your guests to ask any questions that may come up. You can also add a FAQ section with the answers to the most common questions you receive.

Be Understanding

We know that you want your wedding day to be perfect, but with the pandemic, many people are facing financial issues. This means that, to some, designer tuxedos may be out of the

question. Be understanding of the situation and let them know that at Buy4Less Tuxedo, we can help.

Keep Everybody Safe

Because of the pandemic, every person’s priority should be keeping safe from the virus. Check out the CDC guidelines for holding weddings during this health crisis and inform your guests of the steps you are taking to safeguard their health. This can include setting up portable sanitizing gel dispensers throughout the venue, enforcing mask use, and anything else that will keep the virus from spreading. We're sure your guests will appreciate all of your efforts!