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Dress to Impress with Suit Accessories

Accessorizing isn’t just for women. Men who are looking to step up their tuxedo game can do so with their own suit accessories. Suit accessories don’t have to be anything grandiose unless you want them to be. They can be something as simple as an impressive pair of cufflinks or a fun pair of socks. The main thing is that they add personality and flair to help you stand out against all the other black and navy tuxedos.

If you’re attending a formal event, you should be wearing neckwear anyway. Why not make it something stylish and memorable?

The two main categories of neckwear are ties and bowties. Ties help gentlemen complete the look because they pair well with every suit and tuxedo. Bowties, on the other hand, are usually reserved for more formal looks. However, they both follow the same principles when styling.

As accessories to your suit, ties and bowties should complement the outfit. Consider the material of your tuxedo when choosing your accompanying neckwear. For example, summer suits pair best with light fabrics, such as cotton or linen, while winter suits can rock a heavy textile, like velvet or wool.

Colors and patterns are also important qualities to consider when picking the right neckwear. If you’re going to a formal event, solid and subtle designs are more appropriate to wear. However, if you’re trying and willing to stand out, ties and bowties come in all sorts of crazy, fun patterns that can showcase your personal style.

Shoes and Socks
Footwear as simple as socks and shoes are considered suit accessories. Shoes, in particular, are an essential element of every suit because they can make or break a look, while socks are changed for fashion purposes.

Formal suits, for weddings and other important events, require a formal shoe. You can’t go wrong with the classic Patent Loafer or Derbys, so long as you correctly match the color of your shoes to the color of your tuxedo. Remember:

● Black suits require black shoes only!

● Navy blue suits look good with black or brown shoes, but most men opt for a light-medium brown shade.

● Light gray suits can be worn with black, brown, or burgundy shoes.

● Dark gray, or charcoal suits, should be paired with either black or burgundy shoes.

● Brown suits look best with brown or burgundy shoes.

Cufflinks & Studs
If you think that nobody will notice whether or not you’re wearing cufflinks, you’re wrong. Cufflinks and studs might be small additions to a large canvas, but they hold an air of sophistication and class. They’re also incredibly convenient for holding dress shirt cuffs closed.

Cufflinks and studs don’t necessarily have to match the outfit, but you get bonus points if they do. For example, you can match the color of your suit to the color of the metal. Tuxedos with warm colors, like burgundy or navy, can rock a gold cufflink like no other.

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If you have a formal event coming up, consider dressing up your outfit with some fun suit accessories. As a premier online retailer of suits and tuxedos, Buy4Less Tuxedo holds an extensive assortment of suit accessories. Check out everything we have to offer online today!