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Embrace Your Wild Side

From the beginning of time we have been accustomed to seeing tuxedos as a classic staple. For one of the most formal outfits a man can wear, it really is a simplistic one. A standard black tuxedo is what we are all expecting to see when it comes to formal affairs, and that is entirely fine with us.

Now that it is 2017 and times are consistently changing while making bold fashion statements are almost encouraged; we see more and more people taking style risks (yes, even in formal wear). Ever since the infamous Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne, rocked those bright orange and baby blue tuxedos in Dumb and Dumber the flood gates for tuxedo styling has been open. In today’s fashion universe, if you want a specific colored tuxedo, you are almost positive to find it. Not only have tuxedo colors branched out and progressed, but being able to find a tuxedo with a specific print, pattern, or texture is now not only common, but sought after!  

Take a step back to 2010 when animal print became not only something prominent in fashion and clothing, but actually spread throughout to just about anything else that could be printed on. Okay, don’t get us wrong, animal print has realistically been “in” since the 70s, but it wasn’t cool to wear or have as your actual furniture print until the cast of Jersey Shore told you it was. Now, here we are today and animal print is just as popular and pronounced as ever.

So, let’s say you’re feeling a bit tired of the standard black tuxedo. You want to spice it up for that prom or wedding you’re headed too. You want your groomsmen to let out their wild side but still look fierce and fetching. What if we told you that all are possible with www.buy4lesstuxedo.com. The show stopping “Zebra” 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo is available for the bold in a striking three colors choices of: red, gold or royal blue to choose from.

Not feeling like you want you or your squad to look like an animal pack fresh out of the zoo? No problem. For those who want to add a sprinkle of wilderness without it being too much, the options for you are just as ferocious. Neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, cummerbunds, and tuxedo vests are available to accessorize in the ever so popular prints of: zebra, leopard, and jaguar. Whichever path you choose to take your wild ride on, whether just a slight animalistic touch or the full-blown safari, embracing your wild side with these accessories is for sure to boost any man’s confidence.