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Everything Necessary to Win Best Dressed at Any Black Tie Affair, Every Time

The confusion as to what to wear when it comes to black-tie events has continuously stumped many for years. When receiving an invitation in the mail for a “Black-Tie Affair,” the meaning behind said information is that the hosts are designating that the attire for the event will be strictly formal wear. Primarily, this information is provided for the male guests that will be in attendance, assuring that upon arrival to the event they are dressed in proper attire.  

Black-tie affairs date back very far in history. If black-tie formalwear is suggested, then the events dress code is more reserved than an average affair, but not as significant as a “White-Tie Affair.” Common for weddings and high-end social events, black-tie attire is a never ending classic and gentlemanly way to dress.

Still not sure of what we mean when we talk black-tie? Well, a lot more goes into the outfit than what most might assume. Take our advice, and use this “suggestive style guide” to accomplish the perfect black-tie ensemble and win best dressed at every event, every time.

What You Will Need:

First things first, a tux. Predominantly black tuxedos with white tuxedo shirts are a standard for men when it comes to a black-tie dress code (our personal favorite this month is the Charleston,” check it out). Options available range from purchasing pieces for the winning tuxedo individually, or also provided is the ability to snag an all-inclusive tuxedo package that covers every last item necessary to complete the look.

Once the armor is decided, accessories for the tuxedo are not only standard, but make the entire outfit instantly turn into black-tie appropriate. To top off the what we once again state as the “winning tux,” these typical accessories listed are one-hundred percent essential. The accessories to wow, include: a black bow-tie (which is completely classic), cummerbund, sparkly and shining set of cufflinks and studs, formal suspenders, polished black tuxedo shoes, a stand-out pocket square, and perfectly styled hair with a smile to match.

If these items are already purchased or currently hanging in your closet, having them to wear will stun and surprise everyone at the event every single time. Looking the part and turning heads is a great feeling, but something important to remember is that although we might have given the proper tools and suggestions to dress as the perfect black-tie guest for any event, the man within the tux is what makes the outfit the true winner.