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Finding the Best Tuxedo For Your Body Type

Your wedding is not just another special occasion – it’s one of the most important days of your life. That’s why you need to look your absolute best. Let’s take a closer look at how to choose the best tuxedo and how your body type plays a role in the style you choose.

A tuxedo can make any man look good. However, many men will wear a tuxedo for the first time on their wedding day, so they don't necessarily know what style to choose when it comes to fitting a tuxedo. The good news is that the tuxedo will make any man look good. But with so many styles available, choosing the right tuxedo is essential - it needs to be perfect for your specific body type if you want to look your absolute best for your special day.

With about 80% of men choosing to wear a tuxedo on their wedding day, it's important to mention that your body type plays a big role in how the tuxedo fits. That's why you should get familiar with few tips when it comes to styling your tuxedo. Tuxedos don't have to be bulky and uncomfortable to wear; with the right tailoring. He will not only look your best that you will feel comfortable for the whole event.

Your Body Type
It shouldn't be hard to figure out whether you are short, tall, muscular build, or even thin. And you shouldn't be self-conscious about your body either - a tuxedo can highlight your best features while drawing attention away from your not-so-good ones. That's one of the great benefits of wearing a tuxedo to any special event. So naturally, you should start by thinking about things that you would like to minimize when it comes to your appearance.

If You’re Tall and Thin
If you are tall and thin, you are lucky enough to have just about any tuxedo style. You look great in the classic two button jacket and you can even make a few additional tweaks to further enhance your look. If you don't want to appear to then, you can choose the double-breasted jacket. You can also add shoulder padding to give you a broader look at the shoulders but avoid this if you have a muscular build.

When it comes to your pants, flat or pleated will look great on you. Pants with narrow legs will make you look even longer, so you might want to have a ‘break’ in front of your shoe when you measure your trousers. You can also use a waist snap that allows you to loosen or tighten the fit of the pants, or you can simply tighten your waist buckle to make sure the pants will stay where they need to.

Modern tuxedos have been styled to give you a shorter, tighter fit. But in most cases, you can achieve the same look by simply wearing a jacket that is one size shorter. Another great benefit is that you can wear just about any accessory and it looks good. If you want to appear shorter, wear a cummerbund and a bow tie. Any horizontal line will give the illusion of shorter appearance.

If You’re Tall and Muscular
If you’re tall, you can wear a single button jacket to make you look thinner. Thinner lapels will also do the trick and you can pair that with a shawl collar. Try to go for a more boxed style with pleats at the back, rather than a contemporary one. Do not wear anything that is too tight, as this won’t flatter your body.

When it comes to trousers, narrow leg styles will give a leaner appearance, but you may find that pleated trousers are more comfortable to wear. This is where sizing is very important. If your pleats spread, the pants may be too tight of a fit; pleats should fall flat and this also gives a thinner appearance.

If You’re Short and Lean
If this is your body type, you need to choose a tuxedo style that will elongate your body. Avoid any fits that are tight and short. Also stay away from double breasted jackets and four button jackets. You don’t need the additional fabric and it won’t be very flattering. Find a jacket with a low button position. You want to elongate your look, so you may choose to add some shoulder padding too.

When you buy a tuxedo, go for pleated pants, but avoid narrow legs. You can also have the length of the trousers made longer in the back to eliminate the ‘break’ in the front as much as possible. When you choose accessories, choose a narrow tie and a vest to make your look seem longer.

If You’re Short and Muscular

To create a thinning effect, for a one button jacket with a low button position and narrow lapels. Make sure that your jacket lies flat with no gaps. This will help to elongate your torso. Don’t choose a tuxedo style that looks short or tight, and avoid double breasted jackets.

Choose trousers with slim legs and eliminate any unnecessary fabric. Generally speaking, a narrow tie with a vest works best; avoid wing collar shirts if you can. Here, the big difference lies with your accessories. With choices of shirts, ties, cummerbunds, pocket squares and more, it might be best to ask a professional tailor to help you make the right choice.

Lightweight fabrics are also a great choice if you are short and muscular, and so are darker colors. Using monochrome outfits will automatically make you look slender and taller, so a black tuxedo or a dark navy one will give you the best effect.

Whether you’re short and skinny, or tall and muscular – wearing the right tuxedo will make all the difference. Keep these tips in mind when you shop for a tuxedo and use a professional tailor to give you the best possible end result. Now you’ll be ready for that special day.