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First Impressions, Best Dressed and Penguins...

Ah, do you smell that? Another glorious season of The Bachelorette has officially graced our presence this week. With our brackets in hand, we watched closely as each suitor tried to impress Rachel (and us without their knowledge). The first night of each season is probably the most exciting episode out of all of them. The whole night is kind of like one giant blind date where we all experience the first impressions with The Bachelor or Bachelorette. As we sat nervously throughout the whole night wondering if anyone could be worse than the “wahboom” guy, we noticed a few of these guys actually crushed the outfit category. We chose the top four who have not only begun to win over our hearts, but impressed our Fashion Police minds. Listen up, Rachel, style says a lot.

In no particular order, first on our list is Brady. Brady first impressed us with his classic and chic all black suit with a touch of white in his pocket square. But as if the model couldn’t make a better first impression, he took breaking the ice to its literal meaning by actually breaking a block of ice with a sledgehammer leaving all of us, including Rachel, charmed off our feet by his sense of humor.

Next up was charming as ever Peter. Peter had a few things going for him other than being from Wisconsin and owning his own business. His unique, but so fitting for his personality, plaid tuxedo is what landed peter on our best dressed, first impressions list.

A personal favorite of ours was Kenneth. Kenneth, who goes by “Diggy” which is a nickname created for him based off of how fresh his “digs” are, obviously had to make this list. Living up to his name, Diggy looked amazing in his tailored suit with a pop of plaid in his shirt and a pink bow tie to complete the look. With a personality to match his on-point style, we cannot wait to see what else Diggy has for us this season in his clothing trunk of goodies. Plus, we kind of think those glasses make almost anything look good.

Last, but certainly not least is Bryan. A Chiropractor from Miami who came in blazing in more ways than one. Apart from looking handsome in his simple yet effective Grey Tuxedo Jacket; Bryan was the recipient of the first impression rose which we thought matched nicely with his red pocket square.

Apart from a few interesting suitors vying for Rachel’s affection, for fashion, it was a pretty good night. Standing out on the first night of a show competing for love is important as it sets the tone for the rest of the season. Making yourself memorable is not only important personality wise, but also in what you choose to wear. First impressions do last… just ask Penguin Matt and Shark Alexis from Nick Viall’s season.