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Forget Men in Black... At the 2017 Tony Awards, It Was Men in Blue

The 2017 Tony Awards, which honors the best Broadway Productions and its actors for the season, graced our televisions screens last night. With host Kevin Spacey putting on a mesmerizing opening sequence, and winners giving speeches about standing up for what you believe in, we would say that the 71st Annual Tony Awards were quite the success.

Although not one of the leading award shows of award season, the Tony’s are defiantly a show of acceptance, happiness, and pure talent. So, it should be no surprise that the boundaries being pushed when it comes to fashion choices are completely fitting for what the Tony’s stand for.

This season, it was out with the black and in with the blue! While watching the show, we couldn’t help but realize that a majority of the men were showing off blue tuxedos. From host Kevin Spacey (who rocked the look in two different blue tuxedos), to winners Ben Platt and Gavin Creel and even presenters like Josh Gad. Midnight blue, royal blue, navy blue, powder blue, and even velour blue tuxedo jackets were displayed throughout the night by many.

We have to admit that we are unquestionably on board this blue tuxedo fad! Attending award shows can be just as tedious for the talent as it is for us civilians to keep up with. Usually, it’s the women who take risks and switch it up leaving us surprised, thrilled, and sometimes questionable about their fashion choices. The fact that men are now switching it up from a traditional black tuxedo to different shades, textures, and forms of blue tuxedos is like a dream come true!

The men that participated in the Tony’s are the perfect example of taking something completely classic, such as a tuxedo, and showing just how versatile and adaptable it can be. They showed us that you can still look classic, chic, and dapper while wearing something that is untraditional, yet entirely fashionable. We hope that seeing different colored tuxedos is just the start for Hollywood’s leading men, and that the blue keeps showing up to the fashion games.