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How Do I Pick a Tuxedo for a Wedding?

As a leading provider of tuxedos for weddings, Buy4Less Tuxedo knows that when it comes to looking your best on the big day, the name of the game is feeling confident in how you look. But crucial elements like style and color don’t exist in a vacuum — instead, they should complement the wedding dress of your bride-to-be. If she goes formal, your tuxedo should follow suit.

Check out the tips below for picking out your perfect wedding tuxedo, and continue reading to learn more about how Buy4Less Tuxedo can ensure your momentous day attire’s style, color, and fit exist in holy matrimony.



I Do...Want to Dress for the Occasion

Consider your options; how formal will your wedding be? What colors are you and your fiancé incorporating? Keep in mind that higher formality functions typically call for the tried and true: black, navy blue, or charcoal gray tuxedo with a white/ivory vest and bow tie. But don’t think that your tux has to be a carbon copy of every wedding photo you’ve ever seen! If you’re on the hunt for a splash of color, shop our wedding bow ties for a simple, fun solution to distinguish yourself from the pack.

Let’s say your wedding will be as every bit as beautiful, but a tad less formal. Maybe you’re exchanging your vows out in nature, or you’ve repurposed a barn into an enchanting venue for all of your guests; these settings may call for something a bit more casual. You can swap out the glossy black shoes for brogue oxfords, incorporate rustic-colored suspenders for you and the groomsmen, or experiment with contrasting vests and waistcoat colors. Fortunately for you, our inventory is chock full of unique tuxedo components for you to add some personalized flair.

‘Tis the Wedding Season

Take into account the weather and general surroundings. Generally, summer weddings include bright, vibrant colors, especially outdoor ceremonies. White and lighter colored tuxedos usually aren’t worn in the wintertime — unless you’re traveling to a warm, tropical location for a destination wedding.

Determine what fit is best for you. A traditional tuxedo has a classic, but less tapered look. More contemporary styles feature a non-pleated, flat front or even a slim pant. Want to take a gander? Buy4Less Tuxedo has a variety of classic, modern, and slim fit tuxedos available.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal style, fit, and comfort. For more questions about all of our available styles, or if you need some inspiration for the big day, contact Buy4Less Tuxedo today!