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How Do I Pick Suspenders for My Tuxedo?

You have a formal event coming up, a tuxedo is required, and you're a bit confused about all the style elements you have to consider when you're putting together your ensemble. Shoes, jacket, tie, shirt, suspenders—we understand it can be overwhelming! As the leading provider of slim fit tuxedos, Buy4LessTuxedo is here to help you look your best.

Today, we'll focus on a particularly bold component in our inventory: suspenders! Unsure of how to pick, or if you should even wear one at all? You're in luck.

Regular Suspenders vs. Tuxedo Suspenders: What’s the Difference?

Truthfully, there isn't any difference. When it comes to selecting a tuxedo suspender, it all boils down to something that pairs well with your tuxedo style. Since tuxedos are, by nature, more formal, it makes sense to get more formal suspenders. So steer clear of bargain deals that don't match your ensemble or a ratty suspender handed down through previous generations (but if it's in good shape and has precious sentimental value, by all means!). The truth is, most of us don't have family heirlooms we can use to hold our pants up at a black-tie event, so shopping is a must. Check out this infographic for a brief breakdown on what you should consider when it comes to picking out a suspender, and continue reading to learn more about how Buy4LessTuxedo can spiffy from head to toe, or in this case, from shoulder to waist!

You can't go wrong with tried-and-true classic colors like black, white, and navy. If you're feeling a tad bolder, you can go for a brighter solid color, like a green or red, depending on the rest of your ensemble, of course.

Fastener: Button vs. Clips
Choosing between button-on suspenders or clip-on suspenders depends on personal style. While clip-on suspenders offer comfort and convenience, button-on suspenders pair better with formal occasions.

Whatever you do, choose one made with high-quality materials, and avoid any that feel or look cheap. When you go with Buy4Less, a selection of impressive-looking and high-grade elastic suspenders will be at the ready!

Our recommendation will vary from the overall fit of your tuxedo. But we can say that anything too skinny will make your suspenders look too casual, and anything too thick will make your suspenders look like workwear or potentially outdated.

Maybe you want to ditch the solid color thing altogether and go for something with a little more pizzazz. At Buy4Less, we offer plenty of fun patterns, including national colors and flags, holiday icons, various emblems, musical notes, and much more!

If you're looking to buy slim fit tuxedos, suspenders, shoes, ties, or any other else you need for your next formal event, contact Buy4Less Tuxedo today!