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How To Be Stylish This Holiday Season

Christmas trees aren't the only things that should look stylish and fun during the holidays. Anyone who plans on attending a festive gathering, whether it be with family, friends, or for work, should always make an effort to look their very best. If you would like some advice on how to be stylish this time of year, here are some men's holiday fashion tips.

Wear a Fashionable and Appropriate Top

When it comes to men's holiday fashion, there's a lot of flexibility in outfit choices. Winter gatherings are supposed to be a fun way to celebrate the holiday and may not require the same fancy clothing that you'd need to wear in a formal black-tie event. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't look stylish — the holidays only come once a year, so it's better to wear nice clothing at even a casual gathering than something resembling the pajamas you’ll be wearing on Christmas morning. 

As mentioned, there are many options to consider, whether it's a blazer, knit polo sweater, or a sports jacket. Of course, there's nothing at all wrong with wearing a tuxedo jacket for fancier occasions — after all, it's a timeless look that will look good on any occasion, and holiday parties are no exception. Above all else, holiday looks for men can be largely influenced by how formal or casual the gathering is, so consider the seriousness of your party when getting your outfit prepared.

Look and Be Comfortable

It's important to be comfortable during holiday gatherings, and men's holiday fashion can incorporate well-known seasonal outfits like sweaters. Of course, you shouldn't go overboard with the layers and overheat yourself in the process — that's the opposite of comfortable. As a result, you need to consider more than just the appearance of your outfit but the materials as well. For example, nothing says winter quite like a cotton sweater, which is very breathable and light. Other comfortable options include wool and cashmere overcoats, as they're not only stylish but great at retaining heat.

Go With Darker-Colored Bottoms

We've discussed some options regarding tops for men's holiday fashion, so let's dive into the bottoms. While there is a lot of flexibility still at play, it's a good idea to vie for darkly-colored jeans or trousers. During the course of your holiday party, there are all sorts of substances that can spill onto your paints and create a noticeable stain, whether it's a drink or snow on the way through the front door. These wet spots are not as visible on dark-colored pants, meaning you can carry on with your festive celebrations without having to change your clothes — or be embarrassed.

Seasonal Patterns and Designs Are Fun, But Not Essential

If you're thinking about the best outfits for men's holiday fashion, it's likely that you envisioned colors emblematic of the festive season — evergreen for Christmas trees, white for snow, and red like candy canes and ornaments. There are plenty of well-known and iconic winter patterns you can wear, too, like buffalo plaid or a tie with snowflakes. However, while seasonal iconography will contribute to the holiday spirit, it isn't mandatory for holiday clothes. You're perfectly fine opting for more reserved colors and patterns, but if you do wish to wear something that appears more festive, consider contrasting it with another article of clothing that is more simple or sophisticated.

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