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How to Choose the Best Bow Tie for Your Tuxedo

Choose Best Bow Tie for Your Tuxedo

A bow tie is always an excellent accessory to pair up with your tuxedo. While it is considered a flexible accessory, it should be paired up with the correct tux for the right occasions. A well-chosen bow tie brings the best out of your tux, helping you achieve an elegant and sophisticated look.

Here are some tips you can use to pick the ideal bow tie for your tuxedo.

Complement the Bow Tie With Colors Around It

If you want to look sophisticated and properly put-together, make your bow tie complement the colors around it. Start by choosing a shirt that complements the color of the bow tie. If you prefer a patterned bow tie, ensure one of its colors matches the shirt you are wearing.

Choose the Right Style

Bow ties come in 3 styles: self-tie, pre-tied and clip-on. Bow tie shapes also range from butterfly to batwing, and the events you are attending should guide your choice. As a general rule, pre-tied and butterfly bow ties are ideal for most formal occasions. A batwing or pointed bow tie may seem too casual and daring.

Go for the Silk Option for a Formal Tux

Silk is the ideal fabric for a formal tuxedo or dinner jacket. A silk bow tie elevates your look when attending formal events such as a wedding. Besides, silk's light sheen complements well with the silk satin of formal tuxedos to bring a classic yet formal look.

Linen, Cotton is Ideal for a Casual Look

Cotton and linen are warm, lightweight, and breathable. A bow tie in these fabrics is ideal for achieving a casual look, especially when attending daytime events. Opt for a linen bow tie with blue, tan, or light gray suits for a relaxed and casual style. You can throw in classy sunglasses to complete your casual style.

Wool, Velvet for Cooler Weather

Although a velvet or wool bow tie cannot necessarily keep you warmer, these sophisticated materials are ideal for cooler weather. You can opt for a woolen tartan bow tie for darker tuxedos or a plush velvet bow tie with a grey tux.

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