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How to Maintain Your Wardrobe Investment

Men’s wardrobes should be composed of everyday basics, casual evening wear, and classy formal wear, like black tuxedos. How well you take care of your wardrobe will determine just how long your clothes last. Out of all of the clothes in your wardrobe, your suits likely hold the most value. But just how well do you take care of these higher-priced pieces? Follow the tips below to ensure your formalwear will hold up for years to come:

Suit Maintenance

Tip #1: Don’t Use Wire Hangers
Wire hangers have a tendency to create creases in your suits and can ruin a custom tailored fit. To make matters worse, they aren’t nearly supportive enough for heavier fabrics.

Tip #2: Limit Dry Cleaning
Dry cleaning your suits is important and is the best way to clean them. However, dry cleaning them too often can cause premature wear and take the life out of your suit. Consider spot cleaning small stains and only take your suit to the dry cleaner when absolutely necessary.

Tip #3: Don’t Stuff Your Pockets
While many people take advantage of the functionality of their suit pockets, some prefer to leave them sewn shut for a crisp silhouette. Whatever your personal preference, be sure to keep the contents of your suit pockets light to maintain the structure of your suit.

Tip #4: Avoid Overwearing Your Suit
Don’t let your appearance at formal occasions rely on one particular suit in your wardrobe. Give your favorite suit a break and rotate it with others in your closet that are lacking fresh air. This will also allow your suit to air out and get its shape back.

Dress Shirt Maintenance

Dress shirts are a key element in men’s formalwear; they help you achieve a professional, well-dressed look. In order for them to last, it’s important to show them a little extra TLC. Take a look at the infographic below, which illustrates how to maintain the quality of your dress shirts:


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