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How to Make Sure Your Tuxedo Fits Perfectly

The fall wedding season is upon us and choosing the right tuxedo for your wedding should take top priority. There are hundreds of different styles you can choose from to create a truly personalized ensemble, but one thing you can never compromise on is fit.

You already know the basics: your jacket should not strain at the seams and your pants should not pool at your feet. If the tuxedo doesn’t feel good, it won’t look good. And you should look good; this is one of the most important moments in your life, after all. To help make your big day a little easier, we’ve comprised a comprehensive guide of all the little details that will pull your look together.


Collar - A sloppy collar won’t impress anyone. Make sure the collar of your jacket lays flat around your neck, without drooping or slouching in any direction. If you’re having trouble getting your collar to stay upright, use spraying starch while ironing to add firmness. Throw on your favorite bow tie for your wedding pictures to really complete the look.

Button - Your jacket should always have at least one button done in order to achieve that sophisticated look. Some suits only have one button, making this an easy task, but suits with multiple buttons can get a little complicated. Just remember always to button the top button, and leave the bottom button unbuttoned; middle buttons can either be done or undone depending on stylistic preference. 

Shoulders - The shoulder pads of your jacket should be uniform with your own shoulders. If not fitted correctly, this misfit can be seen from miles away and throw off the whole look of the tuxedo. Make sure the shoulder pads are altered to fit well because this is one of the most difficult adjustments to make later on.

Sleeve - The dress shirt sleeve should end right at the wrist, with the jacket sleeve falling ½ inch above it so only part of the cuff is showing as well as those new, snazzy cufflinks.


Waistband - For the perfect fit, your pant waist should sit right below your belly button. These are not your going-out jeans or lazy Sunday sweatpants, so make sure the tuxedo pants don’t slouch or look disheveled.

Belt or Suspenders - If you’re looking to accessorize, or just make sure your pants don’t drop halfway through the night, you can use suspenders to help keep everything in place. You may think you can get away with a belt, but you would be wrong, seeing as tuxedo pants typically don’t have belt loops.

Pant Leg Break - Modern style leans more towards the perfect break, meaning the end of the pant leg rests right at the back of your shoe. To ensure your tuxedo pants are going to fit exactly right on the day of the event, use the same shoes for your fitting and your event.

Now that you know how to make your tuxedo fit perfectly, take a look at all the affordable options Buy4LessTuxedo has to offer. Tuxedos are in high demand at this time, so don’t wait too long!