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How to Match a Watch to Your Suit or Tuxedo

Watch with Tuxedo

Beyond just providing you with a means to learn how long you’ve been at an event or acting as a family heirloom, watches will always be a timeless accessory that can complete the ensemble of any outfit. When getting ready for a formal gathering, it is beneficial to place your watch on the arm opposite of the one you shake hands with. However, there is far more to proper watch styling than wrapping the strap around the correct wrist.

There are many factors that can influence whether or not your classic timepiece fits with your chosen suit, and to look your very best at an upcoming event, it’s vital to learn the do’s and don'ts of watch selection. If you want to appear as stylish as James Bond while attending your next big gathering, here are three essential tips for matching your watch to a suit.

Find the Right Size

One of the first details you must consider when matching your watch to a tuxedo is the size. Knowing the dress code and formality of the event is vital, as thin watches function well with formal wear, whereas larger ones are better suited for the times when you can roll up your sleeves at casual gatherings. 

The fanciness of the event alone does not dictate whether or not the watch’s dimensions will work, however. Comfort is also a key factor to consider because if your suit sleeves are too tight, a thick watch won't fit snugly. Conversely, if your suit sleeves are loose, it permits more flexible size options.

Regardless of whether you’re at a casual gathering or an upscale event, you won’t want the watch to be disproportionate to the size of your arm. A larger timepiece will appear unprofessional and sloppy on a small arm, while a watch of a small size won’t look appropriate or natural when paired with a large wrist.

Consider Color and Material

Once you’ve determined the perfect size for your timepiece, you can begin matching a watch to your suit’s colors. Both the dial containing the time and the strap affixing it to your wrist should be taken into account when making your selection, as either has the potential to mesh well or poorly with the hues of your formal wear. Complementing the colors of your clothing is a fashionable option, and using monochrome colors like black and white is easy to satisfy. Alternatively, when matching your watch ot a tuxedo, contrasting the primary hue of your suit while remaining consistent with your ensemble can help your timepiece stand out and make a statement. 

Your watch doesn’t have to just pair with your tuxedo. When selecting the right color, consider the hues of your shoes, belt, and other accessories. It would be beneficial to choose a timepiece made with the same materials as these accessories to establish consistency. For example, if you’re wearing black leather shoes, the strap of your watch should be the same. This rule also applies to anything made with metal, meaning a rose gold belt buckle pairs well with a matching dial.

Formality Influences Your Choice

As you’ve already picked out a suit that’s appropriate for the event, it would be appropriate if your classic timepiece was also chosen accordingly. More formal occasions call for simpler wristwatch designs, so stay away from bold colors or complicated patterns. Instead, you should opt for minimal hues, like black and white, when matching your watch to a tuxedo. Certain materials, such as leather, are better suited for formal events, whereas rubber or nylon are not. With that being said, those materials, bold colors, and intricate designs are more welcomed at casual events, meaning they are more flexible when it comes to matching your watch to a suit.

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