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How to Pick the Perfect Tuxedo for Any Summer Wedding

While many of 2020’s summer weddings have been postponed due to COVID-19, we believe that it is never too early to start thinking about the perfect tux to wear when you walk down the aisle in your ideal summer wedding. While wedding dresses are the usual focal point of the wedding day attire, tuxedos and the fashion statements they make don’t have to be pushed to the side. Not today! We’re going to focus on the aesthetics of summer weddings, regardless of the year, and how you and every other summer groom should pick out their attire for the big day.

Colors for Aesthetics
Most weddings will have a theme to them, as you are probably aware of at this point in the wedding planning process. From the frills and beauty of traditional weddings to the sleek simplicity of modern weddings to the classic woodsy vibe of a rustic wedding, there is usually an overarching theme that brings the aesthetic of the event together. Location, decor, and attire are all crucial building blocks for the perfect wedding aesthetic. To help you stand out while fitting in, we’re going to dive into some popular wedding themes and what color suits work best for them, as color is one of the most critical visual elements of a tuxedo.

Sticking to the Classics
Traditional weddings should often be paired with the classics. A black tuxedo makes a statement through its simplicity and timelessness, while a grey tux can help bring a level of sophistication and airiness to the environment.

Wedding Nonconformity
Bohemian weddings are a hot trend for those wanting to break with societal norms and have a unique wedding day experience, but that doesn’t mean the suit should go without thought. Consider choosing a looser fit with earthy tones, such as brown, beige or other light shades to make the event feel more beachy and freeform.

Love On the Seven Seas
Nautical weddings are a huge hit, and you can execute this theme with varying levels of subtlety. Our selection of navy tuxedos are sure to bring a level of clean-cut class to a theme others might write off as campy, especially if the attire is paired with the perfect waterfront venue.

The Entire Ensemble
Whether your wedding’s theme is one of the three we’ve highlighted or not, we can assure you that our selection of suits will offer you the perfect personalized option. However, the groom’s suit is only one part of the wedding party equation. There are multiple ways to approach the cohesiveness between a groom’s attire and his groomsmen, so we will highlight some of our favorite ways to give your summer wedding that extra flare.

Match Made in Heaven
The most traditional choice for groomsmen’s suits also happens to be one of our favorites. Due to the seamless fluidity with the groom’s tuxedo of choice, picking a near-identical suit style for the groomsmen gives any wedding that put-together classical vibe. However, it is crucial to make the groom stick out in at least a minor way, so you’ll be able to tell him apart from his friends in the wedding photos.

Selection of Shades
A great way to add a light, fresh feel to the wedding aesthetic is to choose groomsmen’s suits in the same color, but a lighter tone, as the groom’s tuxedo. This will make the wedding party feel less like an extension of the bride and groom and more like an orchestrated piece of the wedding’s overall style, making it a great way to tie your theme back into the attire.

For more modern weddings that eschew tradition, allow the groomsmen to stand out distinctly from the groom with interesting pairings of color, such as bright tones and dark neutrals or even the simplicity of white. The level of contrast achieved greatly depends on the color choices as a whole, so it’s essential to keep this in mind for the entire tuxedo shopping experience.

Every Suit You Ever Wanted
There are plenty of reasons to choose Buy4Less Tuxedo as your one-stop wedding tux shop. To summarize the three key qualities we offer grooms and their wedding parites, we’ve created a short infographic.





We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of tuxedos all year long, and not exclusively for weddings. Whether you need a business suit for that job interview or you require a formal suit for your wedding like we discussed today, we have all the right suits at the right prices. Check out our inventory today and find the perfect ensemble for any formal event in your future!