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How to Stay Cool While Wearing a Suit

How To Stay Cool Wearing a Suit

While we're used to putting away our long-sleeved shirts when summer comes, formal events are a different story. Wearing jackets, dress shirts, and pants is the norm at weddings and other special occasions — even if they take place with the hot summer sun shining overhead.

Thankfully, loosening up your jacket sleeves isn't the only avenue of escaping the heat. There are several smart choices you can make to make wearing formal attire in warm weather much more bearable. If you're preparing for a summer gathering and want to stay as comfortable as possible, here's a look at how to stay cool in a suit.

Avoid Darker Colors

Did you know that the color of your suit jacket can make you feel hotter? It's true — darker hues naturally absorb more light than lighter ones. This is because darker shades absorb all wavelengths of light, whereas lighter colors reflect more.

Absorbed wavelengths are then converted into heat, which is why staying cool can be a bit harder when you're out in the sun in a pitch-black tuxedo. While white is an obvious choice for a summer suit color, light blue and cream are also great choices!

Consider the Jacket Lining

Sleeping with several layers of blankets isn't a good idea in the middle of a scorching summer for obvious reasons. Similarly, the amount of lining your jacket has can also make it harder to stay cool at an outdoor formal event. The lining is the interior fabric layer, and it helps give jackets their structure.

Wearing extra layers of fabric is definitely not ideal in hot weather. Fortunately, jackets can come in different lining styles. A half-lined jacket has less lining, while unlined jackets don't have any at all. So, unless you're attending an indoor event with great air conditioning, it's in your best interests to choose a jacket with less lining.

Pick Lighter Fabric

Another way you can stay comfortable while wearing a suit in hot weather is by picking out a jacket made of lighter fabric. Like with the jacket lining, less weight is better when it comes to summer suits. And fortunately, there are many different light and breathable fabric options available.

Wool suits — especially tropical-weight wool — can be surprisingly breathable and are great for summer formal occasions. Linen is also a nice option for summer suits, as it promotes better air circulation. Lighter, breathable fabrics such as these are essential for staying cool and reducing the chances of sweat marks.

Factor in Your Undergarments

It's also worth noting that the undergarments you wear with your summer suit can also affect your comfort. For example, you should wear socks that keep your feet cool and dry.

Also, while it might seem like a no-brainer to leave your undershirt in your closet, it's still a good idea to wear one — otherwise, you'll sweat all over your nice long-sleeved dress shirt. Picking an undershirt and other undergarments with great breathability will help you lower your body temperature and stay comfortable.

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