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Is a Winter Wedding Right for You?

Late spring and early fall still prove to be the most popular times of year to hold a wedding. But what about those of us that love winter and all that it has to offer?

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 Here we will discuss some advantages to having a romantic winter wedding:

Venue Availability

If you book a venue for your wedding in the peak seasons of spring, summer, and fall, you will likely be competing with other couples for dates and services. Since the winter months aren’t as busy, you will be able to book locations and vendors that might have been busy during peak season. Additionally, you may  negotiate better pricing with venues and vendors as your wedding will be held off-season.

 Winter Decor

 When you book a winter wedding, likely, your venue will already be decorated for the holiday season. The additional decorations will add a more festive feel to your special day. You can add your own decorations to make your wedding stand out. Seasonal foliage and cozy winter-inspired accents make for the perfect complement on your wedding day.

Guest Availability

 Not only will you have an increased selection of venues for your wedding, but you may have a better choice of guests as well. Many of us take time off around the holidays. This will allow you to invite those that may normally be too busy to attend a spring, summer, or fall wedding. You are also not competing with other weddings for guest attendance. Finally, out-of-state guests may be able to find cheaper travel solutions during the winter months.

Be Unique

 When the majority of couples schedule weddings for spring, summer, or the fall months, they usually are following the traditional wedding format. Why not have something unique? When you have a winter wedding, you offer your guests an unforgettable experience they will never forget. From the color palette to decor, seasonal elements can be incorporated into your wedding, giving it a lasting impact on your friends, family, and, especially, you!

Things to Consider

 Winter weather may seem to be a fairytale solution to tying the knot, but there are several factors you should keep in mind:

  • Scheduling around holidays: Make sure that you take all the season’s holidays into account when planning a date for your wedding.
  • Unpredictable weather: Winter weather is often unpredictable and chaotic. Keep an eye on potential weather events that may put a damper on your special day.
  • Shortened days: Depending on your location, some regions of the country get dark by 4.30 pm during the winter months.
  • Travel delays: Winter weather isn’t only important when it comes to your venue — guests may experience weather-related travel issues.

 Keep the above issues in mind if you plan on having a winter wedding.

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