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Men Are Breaking These 3 Fashion Rules & It's Okay!

For many years, men’s formal attire has followed the same equation: suit, shirt, tie, pocket square and shoes. While it checks off all the boxes in any “Men’s Formalwear Guide” quiz, this old-fashioned style has progressed in many ways over the years. Today, men find unique ways to incorporate their personal style into their wardrobe without conforming to outdated societal ideals of what men’s formalwear really is.

Whether you’re the groom who’s about to get hitched, the groomsmen wearing unified ensembles, or just the guest who needs a suit for the occasion, Buy4Less Tuxedo has everything you need to put together a unique, yet formal, outfit. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a classic black tuxedo, don’t be afraid to shake things up and break some of the following rules:

The higher the price tag, the better you look — FALSE
Sure, wearing a well-fitted suit is important, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, especially if it actually hurts you financially. The cost of brand new designer tuxedos on the market is astoundingly high, which is why you should determine your budget before exploring your options. Once you’ve established the amount you’re willing to spend, find a tuxedo that suits your style and goes well with the theme of your wedding. On our website, you’ll find a wide variety of tuxedos in different colors, fits, and styles — all at unbeatable prices. 

“Black tie” means a black tux and a bow tie — FALSE
When you receive an invite for a black tie event, you automatically think to pull out your tux and bow tie. As a child, you didn't know any better when given this strict instruction. Today, it’s absolutely acceptable to wear a black tie with your tuxedo. If your wedding is labeled as a black tie affair, you don’t have to limit yourself, and instead, have every right to show up in a gray or blue tux.

The color of your socks must match your pants — FALSE
The days are long gone when you had to match your socks exactly with the prominent color of your suit or tux. Now, men are getting creative with colors and patterns that stand apart from their ensemble. However, when it comes to colorful socks, there’s a bit of a fine line. You don’t want to wear anything too gaudy or clown-ish. Simple patterns that complement your attire are perfect for a formal event. Check out some fun suit/sock combinations in the infographic below:


Buy designer tuxedos online and build a collection of formalwear to fit your individual style and taste. At Buy4Less Tuxedo, we carry a wide assortment of menswear and accessories for any occasion. Continue browsing our website and get inspired to create a fun and unique look!