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Style, Comfort, and Confidence: A Guide to Buying the Right Tuxedo

So you’ve got a wedding coming up, or maybe you are attending a corporate event or party — while all of these events are vastly different, one thing that stays the same is the dress code: black tie. And nothing quite says black tie like a tuxedo.

What does your tux say about you?

You have a range of options when buying men’s formal wear if you choose to don a tux. You can select the accessories, the brand of designer, the type of material, and the quality of workmanship put into making the tuxedo. Above all things, you want your tuxedo to do three things: make you look stylish, offer comfort, and help you feel confident.

Does your tuxedo do these things for you? Here is our guide on the aspects of men’s tuxedos that you should keep an eye on as you choose the one that’s right for you.

Make Sure It Fits Right
This is probably one of — if not the most — important parts of wearing a tuxedo. We’ve all seen the guy with the shoulder pads that are sticking out far past his shoulders or the man with a jacket that’s much too tight. These things can make or break an outfit, so make sure you don’t fall victim to these errors.

When you’re buying your tuxedo with Buy4Less, make sure to follow our sizing guide to make sure you get the right fit the first time.



Wear it Correctly
We know what you may be thinking — if it fits, I’m wearing it correctly, right? Wrong. Having a good fit, while important, does not mean that you are always wearing your tuxedo correctly. Follow these simple rules:

  • If you’re standing up, keep the top button buttoned.
  • Never button all of the buttons on your jacket.
  • If you’re sitting down, you may unbutton all of your buttons, but ensure that you button the top one when you stand.
  • If you’re wearing a double-breasted coat, always leave your buttons done, as it can look awkward when undone.

Buy, Never Rent

A rented tuxedo can be pretty obvious and make you stand out like a sore thumb from the instant you walk into your event. A purchased tuxedo is an investment in your future and a surefire way to know that you will fit into your tux each time you have an event to attend.

Interested in buying a tuxedo online? Buy4LessTuxedo has a vast array of options for people to choose from. Many of our tuxes are even more affordable to purchase than to rent. To learn more about our offers, continue to browse our site or contact us!