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Summer Tips for Choosing the Right Tuxedo

Whether you are going to a formal gathering, planning your graduation party, or anything in between, tuxedos are an essential tool for looking sharp, sleek, and professional. Today, we’re going to drop some tips for getting the perfect tux for both comfort and style this summer.

Check out this infographic, then read on as we elaborate on each point.



Not choosing the right tux is a recipe for discomfort on any occasion. Hot summer events are no exception, and finding a suit made out of breathable and comfortable material is an absolute necessity this season.

Here are some tips on picking the right pieces for your dream suit, without breaking a sweat:

Go cotton. Many of our designer tuxedo shirts are made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber, and on its own, it functions as a very breathable and lightweight option compared to the alternatives. Linen-cotton blends are also a solid choice for a comfortable, weightless feel.

Bring out the silk. While satin accessories are always tempting, going for the silk tie over the satin will work wonders during the heat. This also applies to any cloth accessory for your tuxedo, including your vests. The lighter and more breathable the fabric, the better your entire experience will be.

Get the right size. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to have a suit that isn’t too big or small for your frame. Having the wrong-sized suit makes the entire wearing experience uncomfortable, and will take away from the fun of the celebration. With our line of big and tall tuxedo shirts, we have sizes up to 5XL available for the same affordable prices.

Comfort is a key to every season, and formalwear doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Dress in style this summer without the drawbacks of heavy, heat-absorbing materials with our tuxedos.



Comfort isn’t the only thing to consider when dressing up this summer. Make sure your suit is in style without sweating out the heat in heavier fabrics, or paying too much in the process.

Here are a few style tips for this summer’s formal events:

Keep colors light. Dark colors absorb heat, so going for a lighter-toned color for your suit will help you in your quest not to overheat. Light greys and beiges are great neutral options for pulling this off.

Bring out your personality through accents. The best way to bring out a bit of your unique style in your tuxedo is your accent color. From socks to ties to pocket squares, having a coordinated splash of vibrancy with your accessories can elevate your entire look to a new level. We recommend vibrant and pastel oranges, blues, and greens for accent colors to keep the tropical aesthetic without being overbearing.

Monochromatic looks are “in.” There’s nothing wrong with going all-grey with your suit and accessories this summer. Keeping everything one light tone, paired with a simple white tuxedo shirt, is a way to achieve that crisp and clean look we strive to achieve for many formal events, particularly those with plenty of photography.


Why Comfort & Style Matter

Looking good for events this summer shouldn’t be a pain. Find your perfect formalwear here at Buy4Less Tuxedo, and stay comfortable and stylish all summer long.