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The Benefits of Buying Your Tux

The Benefits of Buying Your Tux
Okay, so you have a formal event coming up. Maybe it’s for one of your friends getting married, or maybe you have a black tie event that you’re encouraged to attend for work. These events have exciting prospects, and imagining how you will appear that night is something that we all do. We can imagine ourselves looking fresh and clean in a suit that fits us nicely. But now you find yourself at a crossroads: do I rent my tux or do I buy it?

 This question can be a difficult decision for a lot of people. Generally, buying a suit or tuxedo is a significant investment. People often budget out more than $1,000 to buy their first tuxedo when renting it could cost as little as $150 a night. So what are the benefits of purchasing a tux? And what if the tux you were purchasing cost less than your one-night rental?

Your Tuxedo is Crafted for You
When your tuxedo is crafted just for you, you are guaranteed a great fit. Here at Buy4LessTuxedo, when you buy tuxedo shirts or any other part of your black tie attire, you can build a suit around your preferences. You can choose a quality material that’s right for you, and have a wide range of accessories that you can choose to fit your style.


You’ll Look Great
You’ll be more comfortable than you would be if you were in a suit that was used by a bunch of other people. The confidence that comes out of wearing a suit or tuxedo that is your own will radiate off of you. Knowing that you’re in a suit that is made to fit you perfectly means that there won’t ever be an instance where anything feels off. Every part of your outfit will work with the way that your body is built.

Rentals are Expensive
Contrary to popular belief, rentals can be much more expensive than purchasing your very own tuxedo. Most rentals will cost you anywhere from $150 to $200 a night. For a traditional tux, using a rental tuxedo would add up to the cost of buying your own after just five nights. But what if buying your own tuxedo costed less than renting one. Here at Buy4LessTuxedo, we have men’s tuxedo packages for sale that start at just $124.95. That’s $25 less than if you were to rent the same tux. Why waste your money on a rental when you could buy a tux that’s made for you?

Buying Your Tux
At Buy4LessTuxedo, we make buying tuxedos and suits a simple and convenient process. Our formalwear is listed at prices that are up to 70% off the prices of our competition. We require no minimums, free shipping on orders over $200, and same day shipping. What’s more, we have a return policy that makes sending your tuxedo back to us easy, should you find anything unsatisfactory. For questions or inquiries, call toll-free at 1-888-724-2829.