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The Brighter Side of Summer Weddings

With Spring blooming outside, we’re just about ready to switch those dark, gloomy clothes that keep us warm through the winter for those brighter, less itchy garments. That’s right, summer is right around the corner, as are those summer weddings!

You know how they say to never wear white after Labor Day? The same goes for dark clothes in the warm weather. Well, okay, I just made that up but there’s something about wearing those brighter colors in the warm weather. No more of those winter blues, right? I love seeing those teal colors around, or maybe even a nice salmon color. In fact, I thought there would be nothing better than to dissect those fun summer colors and discuss the meaning that goes behind these them. So those of you that are planning your summer wedding, sit tight – this may be what you’re looking for when picking those Bridesmaids and Groomsmen colors.

It’s no secret that blue is a favorite of…. everyone. How many times do you hear ‘blue’ as the answer when asking someone what their favorite color is? I mean, it’s nature’s color, isn’t it? The sky…. the water…. it’s all around us. But did you know that blue also conveys a sense of trust, loyalty, and understanding? The term singing the blues even comes to mind. But when I think of that saying feeling the blues I don’t know about you, but I see a dark blue. Navy blue or even a royal. It’s when I look into the sky and see that pretty blue I feel serenity. This pool color really has a spiritual feeling to it. And while royal blue may say winter, the bright blues sure say spring!

In Muslim countries, green is a holy color. In Ireland, green is a lucky color. It seems green holds a different meaning to many different cultures. Without researching, I can name a few things I think of when it comes to this color – wealth, greed, rebirth, growth, envy, jealousy, nature…..

It seems green symbolizes beautiful things but also bad feelings. Perhaps this means that green is an extremely strong color. It stands out! There really isn’t anything much more beautiful than to see the green grass grow in the spring. That’s what stands out to me – after snow crowded the ground, there really is nothing better than to see that beautiful green grass. That bright green signifies a certain beauty to it, colors such as mint, or this lime would be perfect for a spring wedding, don’t you think?

Orange….. now orange is not a very popular summer color. It’s much more of a autumn color, with the change in the leaves and nature, as well as Halloween. However, there are certain colors in the ‘orange’ family that are quite beautiful to see in the summer. Especially at a wedding along the beach. Have you ever seen coral along the beach? It’s gorgeous, especially when seen upon a sunset!

This color may symbolize energy and excitement, with holding vibrancy to it, but it also expresses adventure! Let’s face it, people either love this color or hate it. Be different and go orange this summer! Shh, it’s my favorite color……..


When you hear of the color, don’t you think power? I sure do! There’s something…. supernatural about this color. Perhaps it has to do with purple being the most powerful wavelength of the rainbow and electromagnetic energy! This color is astronomically intense. Purple also symbolizes mystery, spirituality, and royalty. These are very strong characteristics. However, this is the traditional color purple we are seeing. This summer we want to pick out a much lighter purple.

Lavender, or even heather, comes to mind. These lighter colors are a perfect June wedding color, and you’ll have no problem matching your bouquets with these colors!

Finally! Pink was probably the first color you thought of when it comes to this time of the year. It’s bright, it’s happy. It’s part of the sun set, it’s even part of us! That’s right, regardless of your skin color, some part of your body is pink. It also represents something that is very important to mankind in general – and that’s love. It relates to unconditional love, nurturing, and understanding. So why wouldn’t you want this color to surround your wedding?

There are just so many choices when choosing a color for your summer wedding. And we can help! At buy4lesstuxedo.com, we want nothing more than to help make your special day one you will never, ever forget!