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The Many Ways Dancing with the Stars Show Off Tuxedos

When it comes to reality competition shows, Dancing with The Stars (DWTS) is probably the fanciest show out there.

With a variety of “stars” that range anywhere from Olympic athletes to retired boy band members and reality TV show personalities, the entertainment factor is always there. For those of you that have not endured twenty-five seasons of this celebrity filled ballroom, the premise is simple. Each star, along with their professional is assigned a specific dance and song each week. The goal is to make it through judging scores and America’s votes to be the victor of the “Mirror Ball Trophy.”

As we mentioned, of all the intensive competition shoes, DWTS is the show that possesses immense style, grace and formality from the dance moves to the costumes worn. Each week, there is a sort of theme that is followed, but regardless if it is Boy Band vs. Girl Groups night, or TV night you can be sure to always see everyone dressed to the nines.

Being on their best ballroom behavior, it’s no surprise that with each passing week, someone is always expertly sporting a tuxedo for their dance. It does not matter if it is a pro or a star, it does not matter if it is sparkling to the point that they themselves look like the Mirror Ball Trophy, and it does not matter if they are not wearing a dress shirt underneath. A tuxedo, in DWTS fashion, always makes a bold and artistic appearance.

Tuxedos are a huge part of this show, as they not only help to tell a story, but play a big role in ballroom dance and it’s elegant, classic history. For instance (in the slideshow below), professional Artem is wearing a white tuxedo for one of his dances which plays into the theme and style of dance they were given for the week. Or, who can forget the times where Rashad Jennings (winner of season 24), with both his partner Emma, and then again with Nick, Bonner and David, looked so regal and spiffy in his shining blue tuxedo jackets? We certainly cannot! Even arriving to the pre-and-after show they remain looking sophisticated and sporting their tuxedos, like Gleb in this classic blacknumber.

It’s clear to us (and hopefully now to you) that DWTS is pretty difficult to beat in the costume, dress and style department. They have fabulous stylists with classy taste that help bring the dance to life by what they choose to have the dancers wear. And we’re pretty sure (with a completely unbiased opinion) that these unique, colorful and sparkling tuxedos are a big reason why this show is so long standing. Come on, handsome men…dancing…in tuxedos! Need we say more?