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The Right Tuxedo for the Right Occasion: What to Wear When

It's no secret that the tuxedo is synonymous with elegance and poise in the fashion department. While it's relatively easy to pair up with other garments, many people still have trouble choosing the best tux for the right occasion.

Tuxedos for Office Functions

For office wear, choose a style that is practical, durable, and smart. Go for a basic style that comes in navy or dark gray colors. You should also match your tux with traditional shirts and ties ideal for professional workplaces. When accessorizing an office tuxedo, avoid anything with loud colors or bold patterns. Finally, ensure your office tux fits perfectly to your frame to nail that official look.

Tuxedos for Casual Summer Events

For the summer events such as garden parties and weddings, go for light colors such as pastel blue or khaki that don't expose you to too much heat. Lighter, airy fabrics provide heat relief than the traditional wool blend. You can also opt for cotton and linen blends that let your skin breathe while providing ease of movement.

Tuxedos for Formal Occasions

Formal occasions typically need different kinds of tuxedos depending on the dress code. If the dress code requires that you wear a black tie, go for a traditional tuxedo. However, if the formal event has no dress code, go for a black dress suit and accessorize it with a colorful tie, patterned shirt, or pocket square.

Summer Office Wear

During summer, the typical navy and charcoal grey wool office suits may just be too hot and uncomfortable to wear often. You can still retain a formal lighter look with a light grey tux paired with a white shirt. Ideal materials for summer office wear need to be lighter, and great options include cotton and linen blends. You should also go for a suit with a slightly less fitted cut that allows your body space to breathe and move.

On Your First Date

Well, first impressions matter, and if you are looking for the perfect tux look to sweep your date off their feet, be brave and mix some elements that go well with a tux. For instance, swap the shirt for a t-shirt and match business casual shoes with bright-colored socks. You may also opt for a suit jacket and casual trousers to achieve a stylish but less formal look. Avoid ties on your first dates, as this may make you look too formal.

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