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The Summer of Suited Style

Summer is all about fun in the sun, exploring, and doing new things. One of the best times of the year, summer offers endless events, parties and just an all-around lighthearted and relaxing vibe. But, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that real life stops or even slows down. It just offers us more of a carefree way to deal with everyday life and stop to smell the roses.

With summer being the more carefree and relaxed time of the year for living, as comes summer style. Although most of us would like to walk around in bathing suits all day or shorts and a t-shirt, that simply cannot always be the case. As a matter of fact, the fashion industry seems to really amp up and rev when summertime hits. Maybe it’s due to all of the Fashion Weeks and runway shows going on throughout the world, but seeing new trends, styles and looks really makes us happy.

Deciding what to wear to a nice night out with friends, or a casual business luncheon, etc. can be difficult in the summertime. But just because the heat and humidity can sometimes be unbearable, doesn’t mean that style has to be sacrificed. The slideshow below showcases different summer suited styles done the right way. Suits are typically worn as formal attire for nice parties, weddings, and in the business world. But, with a rise in trends and the world of fashion bloggers, we are seeing so many more and different versions of suits and how they are styled.

For instance, it is now common to see a man wearing a nice tailored and fitted suit combined with a pair of nice sneakers. Or, wearing a light-colored suit like white, pale blue, cream, or light grey and styling it with a different colored t-shirt. The finished project of these simple and different ways of styling is the perfect way to successfully wear a summer suit.

In the spirit of embracing different colors and ways to style suits than the traditional way, we have taken it upon ourselves to throw out some suggestions for further fashion and outfit inspiration:

Wearing a Navy suit is a stylish and popular alternative to wearing a black suit, especially in the summer heat. Navy still provides the sophistication of a black suit, but with the ability to dress it up or down. The “Emilio” Ciro Solid Suitin Navy paired with some Carlyle” Brown Frederico Leone Shoes is the perfect combo to toss a crisp white button down or polo shirt with a brown belt to match for any summer soiree.

Trying a different color, geared in the lighter direction, might be scary for some. But, the pay off, if done correctly, will have your friends knocking on your door to become their personal stylist. The West End” Solid Suit in the color Beige provides just that. The beige lends the opportunity to add some bright accessories, like white tennis shoes with a colorful plaid shirt underneath for some extra summery vibes.

Our third choice for a little inspiration is a light grey suit. Now, we don’t know about you, but there is something about grey suits that just speak to us. We feel like grey suits are so dashing and before its time to being a true classic. The Caravelli Solid Slim Suit comes in the light grey and is a suit that should be in every man appreciative of fashion’s closet. Dressing this suit with a breathable shirt, such as our 100% Cotton “Jamison” Twill Shirt in pale blue leaving it unbuttoned just a little styled with sunglasses will have people thinking you just got back from fashion week yourself.

The possibilities with suits are generally endless as long as you have the eye and confidence to switch things up. Summer is the time to try new things and reinvent yourself, no questions asked. Being creative with your look and style can help to evolve and find yourself stylistically. And there is no reason anyone should be enjoying summer without looking the part!