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Tips for Looking Your Best in Your Tuxedo

tips for looking your best in tuxedo

Do you have a formal event coming up? You know, the type where you are expected to dress to the nines and look your very best? As exciting as these events may be, they can also be intimidating for those without much fashion expertise. Most of us know the basic procedure. When shopping for a tuxedo, you need to take your measurements and find the right fit for your body. However, there are a few other things to keep in mind to achieve the perfect look.

Choose Colors That Flatter You

Traditionally, tuxedos come in black, grey, blue, and white, but some stores have a wider range of colors and patterns to choose from. Neutral colors make for a polished look, while a colored tux is an avant-garde fashion choice that exudes personality.

If you aren't in the market for a whole new tux, you can change up your look by switching out your shirt instead. Buy4Less has a range of tuxedo shirts for sale from crisp, classic white to bright, flashy pink. Always choose a shirt that complements the color of your tuxedo and flatters your skin tone.

Get the Perfect Hem

Almost all tuxedos will require some alterations if you want to look your very best. Your jacket and pants should do more than just fit on your body — they should be tailored exactly to your measurements. Your pant legs should sit just above your shoes without bunching up too much at the bottom. Similarly, specific rules apply for the fit of the sleeves and shoulders. Have an experienced seamstress take your measurements and alter your garments for you — it will be worth the extra expense!

Find the Right Neckwear

A bowtie is a go-to choice when sporting a tuxedo, however, you can change up your look by instead wearing a necktie, cravat, ascot, or sharpei. Try out a few different looks to see what best suits the occasion and the rest of your outfit.

The Beauty is in the Details

Besides the neckwear, there are a handful of other accessories that you need to include to achieve a polished look. Tuxedos look best when worn with studs and cufflinks, a waist covering, dress socks, and a pocket square that matches your tie.

Remember to shine your shoes, and ensure that their material and color match your belt. Some other fun accessories to add to your look could include a dapper hat and a wristwatch.

It's What's Inside That Counts

It is often said that "the clothes make the man," but in reality, you should step into your tuxedo already feeling like a million bucks. Before you even get dressed, do everything you can to feel good in your own skin. Make sure you are well-groomed, your hair is styled just how you like, and you have spritzed yourself with your favorite perfume or cologne.