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Tips for Picking the Perfect Prom Tux... and How to Wear It

Viral videos may be the latest craze when it comes to “prom”posals, but nothing will impress your date more — once they agree to go with you — than a classically well-put-together tuxedo. Here are five essential style tips you need to make the most out of your prom tuxedo and an unforgettable night:

The Jacket

Prom isn’t the event to wear a flashy tux you might sport at an informal party. It’s a time where the more formal you dress, the better you look! Traditionally, tuxedos for prom will be black (y’know, the Bond look) or white and dark blue. Pinstripes may also be acceptable, but it is quite literally a fine line between classy and gauche, as stripes that are too thick end up looking too busy, become distracting, and may even clash with your date’s dress.

Select a Flattering Style

When shopping around for your tuxedo, take your body type into account. If you’re slim and above-average height-wise, go with a double-breasted jacket. This will give you a fuller look by keeping everything in proportion. If you’re more stout or on the shorter side, choose a single-breasted jacket. This option reverses the effect of the double-breasted alternative, giving you a slimmer, more balanced look.

Ties and Vests

You’ve got a few options here:

Pre-tied bow tie. If you’re renting, you’ll have access to all sorts of colors to choose from. 

A tie you, well, tie. You’ll have to learn an actual tie — although not everybody considers learning that skill to be a nuisance!

Pre-tied Windsor tie. More or less the same process as a pre-tied bow tie.

Traditional necktie. The knot makes the tie, so if you’re going this route, practice beforehand!

Regardless of what tie option you go with, match it with your suit or tuxedo vest.

Additional Tips for Wearing Your Tuxedo

While “clothes make the man” certainly holds some merit when it comes to prom night, it’s important to consider how you wear your attire. Your ensemble is more than just nice-looking fabric — it also relies on a unique blend of confidence, tradition, and etiquette. Here are a few considerations you want to keep in mind before the prom photoshoot starts:

● Keep your jacket buttoned when standing and unbuttoned when sitting. When you’re buttoned up, your top button should always be buttoned, and your bottom button should remain unbuttoned.

● If you aren’t wearing cufflinks, you’ll clasp the buttons on your cuff. Your shirt sleeve should hit your wrist at the beginning of your hand. If the sleeve is a bit too long, use the outermost button to close your cuff.

● Cummerbunds are always worn with their pleats facing up. This modern style has its roots in functionality, as cummerbunds were originally used to catch falling crumbs during a meal.

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