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Trends in Men's Formal Wear for 2021

2020 played host to the globe-spanning COVID-19 pandemic that almost brought the entire planet to a standstill. Despite the challenges, various men's fashion trends emerged to become dominant across the world. Notable 2020 trends in men's wear included cross-body bags, Cuban collar shirts, and patchwork print.

Since not much happened in the men's formal wear department last year, you should expect major trends to emerge in 2021. In this blog, we will look at the three most likely trends in men's formal wear in 2021.

Men's Wedding Accessories

The Boutonniere, a flower-themed brooch that's attached to the left lapel of a suit jacket, is expected to become a popular men's wedding accessory this year. This 2021 trend is essentially a resurgence in the use of brooches as the perfect finish for men's formal wear.

As the rule of thumb, the right brooch for a groom's wedding tuxedo is one whose predominant color matches that of the bride's bouquet. However, it is not a must for the best man to wear an identical boutonniere to the groom. Groomsmen brooches can be mixed and matched to their wedding attire or that of the bride's maids.

Season-Inspired Wedding Attire

Season-inspired wedding attire is also expected to feature in many weddings in various parts of the country throughout 2021. Lightweight neutral-colored suits will become the preferred men's wedding attire option from early spring to late summer. You can, therefore, expect to encounter wedding revelers adorned in immaculate brightly-colored tuxedos from March 2021 on.

The dominance of neutral wedding suits should end in mid-September, when the fall season begins. You can then expect to see the re-emergence of cozy warm velvet coats as the preferred cold-weather wedding attire. This 2021 trend is a likely result of the markedly low fall and winter temperatures recorded last year.

Patterns in Formal Men's Attire

You can also expect to see patterns gain popularity as the year progresses, with the checkerboard, pin dot, and tartan designs featured in designer tuxedos and accessories. This 2021 pattern trend is based on the ease with which the subtly patterned attire readily suits use in both formal to laid-back social events.

Furthermore, the increased use of patterns won't be limited to men's formal wear but will also have some prominence in women's formal apparel as well.

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