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Tuxedo and Suit Trends for 2022!


Whether it be cummerbund and bow tie, double-breasted suits, or other apparel choices, clothing and tuxedo trends are constantly changing; and in 2022, it’s no exception. From unique designs to experimentative color choices, here are some of the tuxedo and suit trends 2022 weddings and formal events can expect to see.

The Classics

The classic suits are classics for a reason, and they’ll be back for men’s fashion trends for 2022 and for many more years to come. Essential colors like navy blue and black, make them versatile, allowing for any age or size to pull off the traditional look, whether it be for a wedding or business event. Due to their versatility and affordability compared to other tuxedo trends, classic suits are an excellent investment choice.

Bolder Design Options

One of the men’s fashion trends for 2022 you should keep an eye out for if you need a wedding suit for a 2022 wedding is the more adventurous design options. Instead of the traditional single-color suits, some men are opting for bolder designs that stand out in the crowd. Here are three of these unique patterns for tuxedo trends:

  • Suits with a plaid pattern look appealing in a variety of settings, whether they be in private business meetings or offices. You also have options available when choosing a plaid suit: small checkered patterns or large ones.
  • Micro prints are another one of the distinctive men’s fashion trends for 2022. While they may appear simple at first glance, micro prints are made up of many smaller miniature patterns that are repeated. They look good on many different types of apparel, whether a jacket or bowtie.
  • Stripes can bring life to day and evening outfits alike. As with plaid, there are numerous options available with striped suits.

Bolder Color Choices

Some of the men’s fashion trends for 2022 include bolder color options than before. Some men are trying out floral and pink hues, while others are experimenting with burgundy, wine, and red-colored tuxedos. These not only come with an excellent texture but are easier to style as well.

Another 2022 tuxedo trend to pay attention to is denim suits. They come in many different shades but are also able to easily combine with other denim apparel products.

Matching the Environment

Many tuxedo-wearers are finding ways to match the environment their wedding or event is in by selecting appropriately-colored suits. For example, some people plan to match the tones of the summer by wearing neutral-yet beautiful colors. These hues include varying shades of beige, cream, stone, and other light and sunny colors. Additionally, those who plan to attend outdoor weddings and events have chosen to pursue more earthly color hues, such as brown or green.

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