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Tuxedo Etiquette: The Finishing Touches

For any tuxedo, there are a few fundamental basics to take into account. Sure, the fit is essential, and the style of the suit needs consideration, but once you’ve decided on those, it’s time to focus on the details. Every good tuxedo needs to be paired with etiquette — and we don’t just mean your behavior.

There are a few finishing touches that you should consider to abide by proper tuxedo etiquette, which includes cufflinks, pocket squares, dress socks, and buttons. When wearing tuxedo jackets from Buy4LessTuxedo, there’s no doubt you’ll feel your best, but we also want you to look your best. Here are four finishing touches to take note of the next time you wear your favorite tuxedo:



Cufflinks are one of those subtle details that get more attention than you may think. Wearing cufflinks with your ritzy tux adds an intricate statement of poise to your overall attire. They also create the perfect contrast to any basic suit.

While most men know the button rule, some men show up to formal events with an incorrectly buttoned jacket. Refined men who are aware of tuxedo etiquette will take notice of improper buttoning, which is why it’s essential to learn the button rule. The most important thing to grasp is that in suit jackets that have more than one button, the bottom button should never be closed. Although you may question why suits are designed with buttons that do not get buttoned, the tradition dates back to the 1900s. Here is a breakdown to guide you:

  • 1 Button: If a suit jacket only has one button, then that button should be closed.
  • 2 Buttons: If there are two buttons, only the top button should be closed.
  • 3 Buttons: If a suit is made with three buttons, closing the top button is optional, the middle button should be closed, and the bottom button should stay open.

Pocket Square
Simply put, a pocket square is a swatch of fabric that is folded and placed in your top jacket pocket. This subtle piece of cloth can make all the difference in your overall appearance. When attending a formal event, adding a pocket square to your tuxedo will show that you are well-versed and that you care about the details.

Dress Socks
Imagine attending a formal event in your new suit from Buy4LessTuxedo. You feel confident knowing you’ve achieved maximum tuxedo etiquette — only, you paired your elegant tuxedo with white socks, or even worse, you decided to wear no socks at all (we hope not). No matter how many details you perfected, if your bare ankles show, all of those details will be discredited. Wearing tall dress socks will not only complete your formal ensemble, but it will also show onlookers that you’re savvy in formal wear.

Knowing you’ve mastered tuxedo etiquette, you can attend any formal event with finesse. Before you put together all the details of your attire, buy a tuxedo jacket from Buy4LessTuxedo, or view our collection of men’s formal wear online. You may also view our assortment of accessories that includes cufflinks, pocket squares, and formal dress socks. For more information, give us a call at 1-888-724-2829.