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What’s the Right Suit to Wear to a Wedding?

People have different reactions when they get invited to a wedding: some are excited by the prospect of buying formal suits for a loved one's wedding, while others dread the bill that comes with travel, hotels, and divining what the right attire might be for a guest. 

If you're in the first camp, then you probably already know precisely what you're going to wear, and that's awesome. For those in the second camp, things can be a little easier than anticipated because there aren't many criteria for determining the best suit to wear. Here are a few of the most important things to pay attention to when selecting wedding attire: 


Some invitations will offer a designation of how formal they expect guests to be. Generally, it falls into four categories: 

  • Black tie 
  • Formal 
  • Cocktail attire 
  • Casual 

Black tie and formal designations often require guests to wear tuxedos or formal suits with ties and understated accessories. These events don't offer a lot of flexibility, but they do give some room to show personality through pocket squares, lapel pins, and other items that you can wear without calling too much attention to yourself. 

Cocktail attire and casual attire, by contrast, do offer more freedom but don't necessarily mean you can forgo dress shoes and a tie. Typically, it's good to stick with at least a blazer, but it's sometimes better to dress a little more formally to avoid giving the wrong impression at the wedding. 


While the designation on the wedding invitation is essential, you should also consider the venue where the wedding is occurring. When a marriage takes place in a church, for example, you probably want to make sure that your attire matches the setting's solemnity, because failing to do so can have the other guests looking more at you than at the couple they're there to celebrate. However, if the wedding's taking place on a beach, then you're probably better off forgoing the dark suit for a pair of khaki shorts and white button-down, lest you look out of place. 

The Preference of the Couple 

The most important thing to consider when deciding what to wear to a wedding is the preference of the couple getting married. Using the designation and destination to determine how to dress provides fantastic rules of thumb, but sometimes the groom and bride have a slightly different idea of what's acceptable than accepted wisdom, so you should always check in with either of them if you're unsure. The last thing any guest should be doing is diverting attention away from them on their big day. 

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