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The Best Men's Looks of the 2016 Oscars

When you consider the other big tv moments of the year, the Oscars is the world’s biggest stage for men’s fashion. No one is considering the Denver Broncos’ uniform the best look of Spring ‘16. Unlike women’s fashion (where there seem to be no rules), a man’s look at a formal event is all about maintaining a classic look while still allowing it to be innovated on.

If you’re reading this blog, you know the difference between a suit and a tux. A suit is what you wear to work, a family event, maybe a night out somewhere fancy. A tuxedo is what you wear to make a statement at a formal event. The tuxedo is the climax of men’s formalwear.

They say it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, and in a tux, you can’t be underdressed.

At Buy4LessTuxedo, we like to see men looking good, whether it’s Calvin Klein, Michael Kors or Cardi. Every year we sit down and watch some of the world’s most famous faces, wearing some of the world’s most famous brands, receive the world’s most famous award for entertainment.

Here’s a recap of the best looks for the Oscars 2016

Chris Rock 
Some of his jokes may have missed the mark, but at least his outfit was dead-on. The cream-colored jacket makes Rock pop against his background. The classic white shirt, black pants, black bow-tie combo keeps his look firmly grounded in classic menswear. Also, his lapel mic was colored cream to blend in with his jacket; now that’s accessorizing.

Mark Ruffalo
Two words. Powder. Blue. Ruffalo knocks it out of the park with this one. As the camera is panning-- black jacket, black jacket, black jacket and then… blue. It catches the eye, but more than just a color, the skinny lapels make this jacket a real stand-out from the norm. You’ve got to love the gold watch to complement his wife, Sunrise Coigney’s dress as well.

Leonardo Dicaprio
Leo took the classic approach, and it paid off. We’re not saying he won an oscar because he wore a classic tux, but we’re not, not saying it either. This is the tuxedo in all of it’s original glory. Congrats Leo! 

Whether you’re seeking the classic look, or an innovative one, stop by Buy4LessTuxedo and find the look that best suits you.