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Powder Blue Tuxedo Vests

Our powder blue tuxedo vests are a great color selection for not only tuxedo vests, but all accessories. Select your powder blue tuxedo vest and accessories from an assortment of different patterns and materials to complete any suited look. 

Tuxedo vests are an alternative to wearing a cummerbund with a formal tuxedo or suited outfit. When wearing a vest, you have the option of choosing from wearing either a necktie or bow tie. Coincidentally, we have coordinating neckties and bow ties in your powder blue pattern of choice. 

Add the finishing touches to your tuxedo look by selecting a pocket square, and you're ready to make jaws drop as soon as you walk into the room. 

Whether it's shopping for a powder blue vest, cummerbund, bow tie, lapel flower or pocket square, has you covered! Shop from a vast selection of accessories in different colors, styles, patterns and materials to match your wedding party, prom date or any other special event you might be attending.