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Whoever said life was a fashion show? Anyone who ever went to prom, that’s who! It makes perfect sense to go ‘all out’ and dress to impress in a tuxedo that makes you feel as good as you look. After all, your prom is a lifetime experience. There are several different options when pinning down the right look for prom – you could go for suave and sophisticated, as the next James Bond or you made decide to go for a high fashion designer look and channel your own Prince William to impress the girl of your dreams. Either way, your prom tuxedo is an investment and so we have carefully selected what we believe to be the very best formal wear available on the market today to ensure you have the very best choice for such a memorable occasion. At Buy4LessTuxedo, we believe in offering exceptional quality at value for money prices, and so in our best efforts, we offer designer tuxedos and tuxedos packages to suit every budget and every taste.  We also offer a comprehensive range of tuxedo shoes for sale, and all the bow ties, cravats, pocket squares, and neckties you could possibly need to complete your look. In this exclusive tuxedo collection, you will find all the leading designers such as Cardi, Ike Behar, Paul Betenly, and Ralph Lauren, along with a selection of other designers that specialize in beautifully tailored evening wear for younger gentlemen. Available in a variety of different colors, styles, sizes, and designs to complement every figure, our prom tuxedos in this all-inclusive collection are sharp, stylish, and designed to coordinate effortlessly with the tuxedo shirt of your choice. Made from the finest quality fabrics, our prom tuxedos will last for years to come after your homecoming. If you wish to expand your tuxedo knowledge or if you have additional questions, be sure to check out Tuxedo 101 on our Tuxedo Blog or contact us. All of us here at Buy4LessTuxedo are more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have and point you in the right direction. Now, go and impress that special prom date, your mind-blowing tux is just one click away!

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  1. West End Black Slim Fit Shawl Tuxedo


    "Rowan" Black 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo
  2. Hamilton Ivory Cardi Tuxedo


    "Hamilton" Ivory 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo

    As low as $144.95

  3. EJ Samuel Revel White Shawl Tuxedo


    "Revel" White 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo
  4. EJ Samuel Quincy White Notch Tuxedo


    "Quincy" White 1-Button Notch Tuxedo
  5. Albert White EJ Samuel Tuxedo Tails


    "Albert" White Tailcoat Tuxedo
  6. Albert Black EJ Samuel Tuxedo Tails


    "Albert" Black Tailcoat Tuxedo
  7. Cardi Vienna Black Tuxedo


    "Vienna" Black 1-Button Peak Tuxedo

    As low as $159.95

  8. Cardi Seville Black Tuxedo


    "Seville" Black 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo

    As low as $159.95

  9. Cardi Madrid Black Tuxedo


    "Madrid" Black 1-Button Notch Tuxedo

    As low as $159.95

  10. "Bradford" Navy Tuxedo


    "Bradford" Navy Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  11. "Bradford" Steel Grey Tuxedo


    "Bradford" Steel Grey Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  12. Cardi Fitzgerald Navy Tuxedo


    "Fitzgerald" Navy 1-Button Peak Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  13. Cardi Fitzgerald Steel Grey Tuxedo


    "Fitzgerald" Steel Grey 1-Button Peak Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  14. Cardi Infinity Steel Grey Tuxedo


    "Infinity" Steel Grey 2-Button Notch Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  15. Cardi Infinity Heather Grey Tuxedo


    "Infinity" Heather Grey 2-Button Notch Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  16. "Mystic" White Tuxedo


    "Mystic" White Tuxedo
  17. "Mystic" Black Tuxedo


    "Mystic" Black Tuxedo
  18. "Vision" Red Tuxedo


    "Vision" Red Tuxedo
  19. "Vision" New Blue Tuxedo


    "Vision" New Blue Tuxedo
  20. "Sienna" White Tuxedo


    "Sienna" White Tuxedo
  21. "Soho Madison" Burgundy Tuxedo


    "Soho Madison" Burgundy Tuxedo
  22. "Soho Madison" New Blue Tuxedo


    "Soho Madison" New Blue Tuxedo
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