Wedding Tuxedos

When it comes to choosing the right tuxedo for your special day, the choices are virtually endless! Whether you are looking to buy a classic black tuxedo, a modern slim fit tuxedo, a designer tuxedo, a simple tuxedo jacket, or a traditional cutaway wedding tuxedo, we have them all right here at Buy4LessTuxedo.  As wedding and formal wear specialists, we stock at range of suits to complement every occasion, along with all the accessories you could possibly need to coordinate with your beautiful bride. At Buy4LessTuxedo, not only do we offer various wedding tuxedos, you can buy tuxedo shoes, formal wear, tuxedo vests, cummerbunds, bow ties and much, much more. You have the accessibility to search by the color choice of your special occasion with the assortment of color combinations we carry. In addition, we offer tuxedo vests in over 100 colors – there is something to complement every color theme you could possibly come up with. Or perhaps you are more interested in searching by certain designers. You can simply click the designer of your choice; for example, when selecting Cardi, all of the designer tuxedos that you can choose from are right there in one place. You also can search by your price preferences, size, fit, feel, material and button count – and it’s all just one click away! If you are looking for a wedding suit, a modern suit for your prom, a formal suit for a day at the races, or simply a new cravat to complement your favorite tuxedo, please take a moment to view our comprehensive collection. All of our occasion wear is made from the finest quality fabrics, and best of all, our formal suits and tuxedos are brand new. Not only are we the perfect choice for you and your groomsmen, but we can fit your little ring bearer as well. We offer fast delivery on all of our tuxedos and formal wear, and cater for gentlemen of every age and size. The beautiful bride won’t be the only one wowing your friends and family, choosing our tuxedos for your special day will leave you and your groomsmen looking and feeling your very best. Here at Buy4LessTuxedo, finding the right look for your wedding is no longer a grueling and time-consuming task, and you can do it right from the comfort of your own home!

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  1. West End Black Slim Fit Shawl Tuxedo


    "Rowan" Black 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo
  2. Hamilton Ivory Cardi Tuxedo


    "Hamilton" Ivory 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo

    As low as $144.95

  3. EJ Samuel Revel White Shawl Tuxedo


    "Revel" White 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo
  4. EJ Samuel Quincy White Notch Tuxedo


    "Quincy" White 1-Button Notch Tuxedo
  5. Albert White EJ Samuel Tuxedo Tails


    "Albert" White Tailcoat Tuxedo
  6. Albert Black EJ Samuel Tuxedo Tails


    "Albert" Black Tailcoat Tuxedo
  7. Cardi Vienna Black Tuxedo


    "Vienna" Black 1-Button Peak Tuxedo

    As low as $159.95

  8. Cardi Seville Black Tuxedo


    "Seville" Black 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo

    As low as $159.95

  9. Cardi Madrid Black Tuxedo


    "Madrid" Black 1-Button Notch Tuxedo

    As low as $159.95

  10. Cardi Fitzgerald Navy Tuxedo


    "Fitzgerald" Navy 1-Button Peak Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  11. Cardi Fitzgerald Steel Grey Tuxedo


    "Fitzgerald" Steel Grey 1-Button Peak Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  12. Cardi Infinity Steel Grey Tuxedo


    "Infinity" Steel Grey 2-Button Notch Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  13. Cardi Infinity Heather Grey Tuxedo


    "Infinity" Heather Grey 2-Button Notch Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  14. "Mystic" White Tuxedo


    "Mystic" White Tuxedo
  15. "Mystic" Black Tuxedo


    "Mystic" Black Tuxedo
  16. "Vision" Red Tuxedo


    "Vision" Red Tuxedo
  17. "Vision" New Blue Tuxedo


    "Vision" New Blue Tuxedo
  18. "Sienna" White Tuxedo


    "Sienna" White Tuxedo
  19. "Soho Madison" Burgundy Tuxedo


    "Soho Madison" Burgundy Tuxedo
  20. "Soho Madison" New Blue Tuxedo


    "Soho Madison" New Blue Tuxedo
  21. "Soho Madison" Red Tuxedo


    "Soho Madison" Red Tuxedo
  22. "Essence" Black EJ Samuel Tuxedo


    "Essence" Black EJ Samuel Tuxedo
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