Designer Tuxedos

Suave, sophisticated, and impeccably styled, designer tuxedos are perfect for formal events such as weddings, black tie events, and special occasions where only the best will do. Made from the finest quality fabrics and tailored to perfection, these exclusive garments are the perfect investment for modern men who dress to impress and love to express their style and individuality with designer pieces.

At Buy4LessTuxedo, we understand that everyone has a specific budget and so we have handpicked a selection of designer tuxedos from some of the world’s largest brands that cost less than your normal off-the-peg evening suit. Beautifully crafted to complement every figure, our garments are available to buy in modern, classic, and slim fit. We also currently offer 18 different colors ranging from classic black tuxedos to contemporaneous indigo tuxedos, thus giving you the option to narrow your choices down by navigating through our color palette.

This choice of designer tuxedos is so desirable because additional time and effort is put into the design of the garment to make it one of a kind. Small details such as upgraded lining, subtle fit improvements and additional features tend to find their way into these engineering tuxes.

Popular labels include Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors or Ike Behar. Other notable styles include Cardi, Paul Betenly, Galante, Caravelli, EJ Samuel, Emilio Ciro, Gianni Manzoni, Joe Black, Mattarazi, Prontomoda, Vinci, West End and Zonettie. We’ve personally evaluated these styles and included them in our product line because we solely admire the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into these garments. With over 20 different designers, 7 different fabrics, and endless styles to choose from, we believe we have the perfect tuxedo for every man within our collection.

Narrow down your search by browsing by category and selecting your favorite brands to shop for or if you know the colors you want to coordinate with, searching within the color palette will make shopping for a tuxedo a simple task. If you are looking to buy these tuxedos for an upcoming event, please take a moment to view our stunning range where we also offer tuxedo shoes for sale.

Here you can buy bow ties, cravats, tuxedo vests, and buy all the accessories you could possibly need to complete your look at Buy4LessTuxedo, making us your one-stop-shop for premium quality formal wear. Whatever the occasion, step out in style and buy your luxury tuxedo today!

Tuxedo Styles

There are many different designer tuxedos designs on offer, which is why this outfit is so popular. You can choose from a wide range of colors and materials to different designs and even brands; tuxedos will never go out of fashion, and they are ideal for any formal function. Another benefit of a tuxedo is that it can be tailored to provide you with a unique and comfortable fit. Tuxedos are meant to fit absolutely perfectly, and you can choose to accessorize if the event requires it.

You can also add a range of tuxedo accessories to your outfit, including cummerbunds, neckties, jewelry, hats, pocket squares, lapel flowers, and more. These accessories can really complement your tuxedo, and you can decide which accessories will be best for a specific formal event. Although accessories should never be overdone, it’s always an essential part of your look and a great way to add color too.

One of the most important parts of your tuxedo outfit is your pants. There are many different colors and materials to choose from, making it a great option to go with. There is also a variety of styles available, including classic, modern, and slim. The materials that you can choose with your tuxedo pants usually include wool, polyester, gabardine, and more. They are all very comfortable, and easy to wear. You can also choose between plain front pants or double pleated pants.

In addition to plain black tuxedos, we have a range of designer tuxedos available for a very stylish and sophisticated look. They are ideal for events like weddings, black tie events, and special occasions where only the best will do.  Our designer tuxedo range is made from the best quality materials and they have been tailored to perfection. These pieces are perfect for those who want to make a real impression.

Buying Designer Tuxedos

We stock a stunning range of neckwear as well, so if you are looking to buy a selection of bow ties to mix and match with your new tux, take a moment to view our huge collection of over 100 colors and styles. A designer tuxedo is an investment, and it’s something that will never go out of style.

When looking to buy tuxedos, stocks a wide range of tuxedos for adults and children. We are a leading tuxedo store with over 70 different sizes and we also offer a complete range of accessories, so you can buy tuxedo shoes, tuxedo vests, buy tuxedo shirts, and stylish jewelry sets that will add the finishing touch to your tux.

If you are looking for the perfect tuxedo fit, we can help. We have a detailed guide on the different sizes tuxedos that are available, as well as how you should choose the right one for your body type. We also explain the difference between a modern fit and a slim fit tuxedo, and help you with choosing the right pants size. This will allow you to find a tuxedo that suits you best, all in the comfort of your own home. 

For more information about our selection of tuxedos, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. "Tribeca" Black Caravelli Tuxedo


    "Tribeca" Black 2-Button Notch Tuxedo
  2. "Brocade" Black Dinner Jacket


    "Brocade" Black Dinner Jacket
  3. "Brocade" White Dinner Jacket


    "Brocade" White Dinner Jacket
  4. West End Black Slim Fit Shawl Tuxedo


    "Rowan" Black 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo
  5. Hamilton Ivory Cardi Tuxedo


    "Hamilton" Ivory 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo

    As low as $144.95

  6. EJ Samuel Revel White Shawl Tuxedo


    "Revel" White 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo
  7. EJ Samuel Quincy White Notch Tuxedo


    "Quincy" White 1-Button Notch Tuxedo
  8. Albert White EJ Samuel Tuxedo Tails


    "Albert" White Tailcoat Tuxedo
  9. Albert Black EJ Samuel Tuxedo Tails


    "Albert" Black Tailcoat Tuxedo
  10. Cardi Vienna Black Tuxedo


    "Vienna" Black 1-Button Peak Tuxedo

    As low as $159.95

  11. Cardi Seville Black Tuxedo


    "Seville" Black 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo

    As low as $159.95

  12. Cardi Madrid Black Tuxedo


    "Madrid" Black 1-Button Notch Tuxedo

    As low as $159.95

  13. Cardi Fitzgerald Navy Tuxedo


    "Fitzgerald" Navy 1-Button Peak Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  14. Cardi Fitzgerald Steel Grey Tuxedo


    "Fitzgerald" Steel Grey 1-Button Peak Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  15. Cardi Infinity Steel Grey Tuxedo


    "Infinity" Steel Grey 2-Button Notch Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  16. Cardi Infinity Heather Grey Tuxedo


    "Infinity" Heather Grey 2-Button Notch Tuxedo

    As low as $164.95

  17. "Mystic" White Tuxedo


    "Mystic" White Tuxedo
  18. "Mystic" Black Tuxedo


    "Mystic" Black Tuxedo
  19. "Vision" Red Tuxedo


    "Vision" Red Tuxedo
  20. "Vision" New Blue Tuxedo


    "Vision" New Blue Tuxedo
  21. "Sienna" White Tuxedo


    "Sienna" White Tuxedo
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